Aura Camera MbGA

Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System

The Aura is diagnosed using the Aura camera MbGA


The operation of the Aura camera is based on computer processing of data obtained with the help of biosensors, then further conversion into graphic information i.e. a photo of a person's Aura


Biosensors sense radiation emanating from a person and, using a computer with the appropriate software, create an Aura image with the ability to print this picture later


The Aura camera is an electronic multimedia system that can display human biofield and chakras


The principle of operation of the device is scientifically motivated and is based on the Kirlian effect, discovered in the last century, and recognized by the entire scientific world

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The Aura Camera MbGA is not a conventional camera, rather it is a hand scanner that senses radiation emanating from a person. 

Using the supplied software installed on a PC you can create an Aura image as shown in the picture opposite.

in this picture the camera is set up using the laptops internal camera, although a separate camera can be used, attached to the computer, when analysing another person.

The software gives various screens enabling you to see your biostatus as shown below. You can print out your Aura Photo, your Chakra Photo, a 9 page short report or a 17 page full report. All data can also be saved to your PC or USB memory stick.

With your report you are able to completely analyse your Aura, your health and your well being, and learn how to improve your bodies condition

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These camera are shipped direct from the manufacture, and prices vary with exchange rates, so, if you wish to purchase one please contact us directly, and we can discuss your requirements