Aura Diagnostics

What is Aura Photography?

Aura Photography is taking pictures of your Aura, but what is your Aura? The word "Aura" is used today quite often, and what specific meaning it carries in the mouths of different people, one has only to guess. For most people, this concept is very blurry, and if you ask what is meant by the term "Aura", you can hear anything from a scientific discussion to an incoherent murmur of the mystic. Convinced materialists do not recognize the existence of an Aura, even though it has already been proved experimentally and is confirmed by complete scientific theories.

But is there some generally accepted definition of Aura? In fact - no, there are many different interpretations of this concept. So, from a religious point of view, the Aura is the receptacle of the soul, the higher self, the "spark of God." The esotericism will say that this is an energy information field in which information about a person's life is stored and perhaps also previous incarnations of his soul. There is an opinion that this field also contains "tribal memory" - the experience of all previous generations. From the point of view of physics, the Aura is electromagnetic radiation emanating from all material objects, both living and non-living.

The concept itself comes to us from Eastern philosophy, the expiration of a subtle substance or subtle matter, is also called emanation. East mystics maintain that emanation is a material entity physically representing a cloud of evaporation, or sublimations, that engenders the body and envelops it. It is impossible to say that any of these definitions are correct but, rather, all are likely. To date, we already understand that the world is much more complicated than previously thought, that there are also intangible facets of life, but to prove their existence with the help of the existing scientific base is unreal. But the fact that a person has an energy shell - an Aura, modern science has already recognized. The Aura is directly related to the Chakras (Chakras are energy centres that accumulate and distribute physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies). There are seven major Chakras and forty-two secondary ones. The very word "Chakra" is Sanskrit and means "wheel" or "disk", reflecting the idea that each of them rotates with its own frequency.

So why do I need an Aura Photograph?

Because the Aura reflects all the events, experiences and aspirations of each person. This most important component clearly records all past and present diseases of the soul and body. The Aura of each person has a clearly defined color palette, the uniqueness of which is like a fingerprint. It is very difficult to see a person's Aura - it has no smell, size and weight, but is always located near the physical body of a person. Aura is a derivative of the psychophysical energy of a person, which turns this energy field into a full component of our existence.

By understanding our Aura and studying the photographs we can better understand ourselves. Many of us chose the type of activity and way of life, not conforming to the needs of our soul, temperament and other psycho-emotional criteria. The life of such people is in constant tension: on the verge of stress in some and in a languid languor from the unrealized potential - in others.

And even people who are in harmony with themselves, from time to time experience emotional discomfort, caused by external causes. Studying your Aura will help any person:

  • better understand your inner world, the peculiarities of the personality

  • to note the dependence of one's health on the psycho-emotional state

  • See the influence exerted by external factors on the physical, mental and energy state

  • learn to control your psycho-emotional state, smooth out the effects of external influences, choose the optimal solutions in complex or critical situations

  • to see changes in the Aura after spiritual practices, yoga, Quantum healing sessions, Biocorrector sessions, the use of essential oils and other beneficial effects on one's consciousness;

  • Assess how much the outside world, and your influences on yourself, have a positive effect on your Aura.

Aura picture

In the Aura photo you can see the main colours of your Aura: it can be one predominant colour or several colours and shades that form a rainbow Aura. Each colour in the Aura photo has its own meaning, especially the colour in the centre of the image, above the person's head and in the heart area - according to these colours the expert can determine the state of the person's biofield, emotional background and physical condition. As a bioenergetic field, the Aura has a property to change during a person's life: thoughts, stress state, physical state and other factors affecting the biofield at a given moment can influence the Aura. Therefore, a photograph of the Aura can capture only the state at a given moment in time. Many people occasionally take Aura photos to compare how their state has changed over time, what needs to be improved, what to look for. By diagnosing your Aura gives an opportunity to learn about a person more than is visible to the naked eye. All parameters are important: the colours of the Aura, its shape and size, brightness, transparency, the presence or absence of holes and dimming. A large and even Aura speaks of a person's strong energy, while a small one indicates a focus on oneself. A good sign is also the uniformity and harmony of the form, and the presence of dark places, holes and muddy areas indicates a violation of the energy balance. It must be remembered that each person can control the state of his Aura. Auras cannot be bad or good: even if the image of your Aura indicates stress or other negative factors, it is in your power to change this by adjusting the behaviour pattern and the way you think.

Along with the term bioenergetic field of man, such concepts as correction of Aura, karma, diagnostics of karma began to enter our life. How to reconcile these concepts with our concept of the real world? Is the person able to correct and diagnose their karma?

The term " karma " means "cause and effect," in other words, each person creates his own destiny. From the point of view of the theory of karma, there are no accidents and if an event occurs in a person's life, this is most likely the result of any actions or actions.

Understanding your karma allows you to learn about the problems and negative aspects that are present in a person's life and are a direct consequence of his life's actions. In fact, karma is the state of the inner world of a person, his spirituality. But do not forget that the unfavourable results of karma are not a cause, but a consequence of our own negative actions: words, thoughts and deeds do not pass without a trace, they form the events of our future life. Where there is negative energy in the life of a person, karma and Aura will display the relevant moments. It is also worth noting that karma is not carried out so that a person feels the proximity of a "terrible judgment" or punishment for his thoughts and actions, but in order that he realizes the real level of his spirituality and begins to strive for higher levels, thereby correcting karma and providing themselves with positive consequences in the future. karma allows everyone to see what he seeks in his actions, where his problems are in the mental and spiritual terms. After all, we are born on this planet to learn the rational and the true, drawing conclusions from past experiences. Many people who have understood their karma, were able to radically change their lives.

The Aura is diagnosed using the Aura camera MbGA


The operation of the Aura camera is based on computer processing of data obtained with the help of biosensors, then further conversion into graphic information i.e. a photo of a person's Aura


Biosensors sense radiation emanating from a person and, using a computer with the appropriate software, create an Aura image with the ability to print this picture later


The Aura camera is an electronic multimedia system that can display human biofield and chakras


The principle of operation of the device is scientifically motivated and is based on the Kirlian effect, discovered in the last century, and recognized by the entire scientific world


The Software package & Aura camera MbGA are not medical devices but are used for cognitive entertainment purposes

Aura Camera