Aura Photography - Only £15

  A new generation of Aura Camera offers, using a special device, to diagnose your aura and chakras, allowing you to:

- Have a better understanding of your inner world, to realize the cause of ailments, crises and deadlocked developments;

- See the changes in the aura after the use of spiritual practices, yoga classes, attending of seminars, courses and training on       practical psychology, as well as after the use of essential oils, and other beneficial effects;

- To assess how the external world and you interact harmoniously;

- To open up new opportunities for development and a way to harmony, self improvement.

Look at your photo BEFORE & AFTER You have had Bio-Correction
Aura Photography
Before Correction
aura picture
After Correction
Complete 21 page report on USB stick. All this for Only £15.00 Please email, or phone to book this service