Get Rid of Stress and Harmful influence
  • Devices for Protection against Electromagnetic Radiation and Geopathic stress.

  • Bio-correctors neutralise electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation

  • They create a protective field around the person, apartment, office and car

  • Structuring the water, making it healthy

  • They correct human aura and chakras and fill the person with vital energy

Restores, protects and harmonises

Bio-correctors - "protectors" of modern times, are designed to restore the human energy-field and to protect it from harmful electromagnetic radiation and natural energy anomalies. They tone the body, improves its defences and produces a powerful energy recharge.

The structure of "Bio-correctors" are an information board made from natural minerals that trigger the release of energy. On this charge recorded various combinations of vibration values obtained in the study of the electromagnetic field of the Earth and cosmic radiation. It positively protects and adjusts the energy-information efficiently allowing the body to neutralize the negative impact of radiation bio-pathogenic.

Bio-correctors take effect immediately and work without physical or chemical intervention. They are durable, easy to use and do not require a change in lifestyle.

You can not only improve the health and quality of your life, but also you get a real opportunity to help your relatives and friends, to bring health and joy to those you love.

Bio-correctors do not negate the need of the body for physical activity and healthy eating. This healthy lifestyle will only increase the efficiency of the device - the effective result being a healthy lifestyle!


• Normalizes and harmonizes the human energy field, restores energy potential, erasing "negative programs"

• Adjust the body to a healthy regime, launches natural recovery of physical, psychological and intellectual processes

• Creates a protective field around the person to neutralize the harmful effects (radiation electronics and technology, "geopathogenic radiation" of the Earth, a wide range of information influences and "negative energy", etc.).

• Leads a person to a state of harmony, balance and joy

• Promotes the removal of craving for alcohol, smoking and weakens any psychological dependence

• Improves memory, mental and physical performance

• Structures and purifies the surrounding area, it leads to a harmonious state

• Structures water, food, and others.


In order to avoid damage to devices, and the outputs of the operational status of all these devices, it is prohibited to:

      * Dismantle,

      * Bend,

      * Exposed to open flame and boiling,

      * Expose to moisture!

The Bio-corrector "Universal"

 "Feminine Universal"

   "Masculine Universal''                                           

"Protecting Matrix - Shield"

"Protecting Matrix - Harmony"                               

Using the active methods of Bio-correction 


The device is not the cure-all for all your problems; it won't rid you of all the illnesses and ailments and won't normalize all the functions of inner organs and your whole body immediately.  To feel the positive influence of this tool you will have to work and make efforts to get the favorable result.  Eventually, the process of restoration occurs painlessly and in short term.

To feel the results, it is not enough just to carry the tool with you and to drink the water charged on the item's plane.  It is important to perform "Active methods of Bio-correction" from time to time.

Take the item in your hand: men (except left-handed) should take it in the left hand, women in the right. Turn the Bio-corrector with the "work side" inward, if there is such (look through the description), seat conveniently and relax. Stay for 5 - 6 minutes in this position.

Then take the item with the balls of your thumb and index finger of your right hand (the device "Universal" and "Protecting Matrix- Harmony" should be directed inward with the working side and other devices with any side) and replace it at the distance of 20 - 50 cm from your body a bit higher than your head.Then slowly lower down the item along the medial line (or backbone) to the lower part of the pelvis, making peculiar vibrating "passes" - quick movement with the plate directed to your body and back (the length of the "pass" - 5 -10 cm).

Repeat the movement from upward to downward from 12 to 20 times. You can raise the Bio-corrector back to the beginning position 3 - 5 times faster than you lowered it. (see video section below)


After that you can proceed to "point passes" for working of the difficult areas. It is also better to move from upward to downward. Place the Bio-corrector to the problem spot at the distance of 5 - 10 cm from your body, holding it with the balls of your thumb and index finger of your right hand, and then again begin performing quick vibrating passes, directed to your body and backward (the length of the "pass" is 5 - 10 cm, the duration of the "pass" for every problem spot is 2-3 min). Then proceed to the next problem spot.

End the "active" method of working with the Bio-corrector the following way: place it to the place of solar plexus and, holding it with the balls of three fingers of your right had (index, middle and fourth fingers), and fix it in that position for 5 minutes. Perform this while sitting or standing which is more comfortable for you.

After completion of this process, we can use the Bio-corrector to make a glass of ‘active’ refreshing water. Get a glass of water and swirl gentle clockwise for 2-3 seconds then place the glass of water on top of the Bio-corrector for 5-10 minutes, if using “Universal” or “Harmony”, active side facing down, all other Bio-correctors it does not matter what side is down. After the allotted time, you now have a ‘charged’ glass of active refreshing water (This process can be used on a larger scale to ‘charge’ water in water bottles, or even to make food better to eat! - see below ('Make water and food healthier')


Dealing with the harmful habits

For smoking control, alcoholism and the other kinds of dependences the Bio-corrector "Universal" will suit you the best.

In case you feel thirst, take and hold Bio-corrector on you palm from 5 to 16 min. (it is better for men to hold it with their left hand and for the women with the right one, the left-handed persons of the both genders should hold it on their right palm). Those who have strong chronic dependence it is important to practice "The Active Methods of Bio-correction" regularly (see above)

In this case after working with the passages of the medial line, sequentially work the head zone (2 min), then - the throat zone (2 min), then the knee zone (2 min) and then the feet zone (2 min). Finish the Bio-correction on the zone of "solar plexus" (hold the Bio-corrector for 5 minutes with the balls of three fingers: index, middle and fourth fingers).

For getting stable effect perform this complex not lesser than two times per day - in the morning and in the evening - for 2 months.




Everybody's organism and bio-field are unique. For some the process of harmonization goes easy and unnoticeable, for others - through the aggravation strong cleansing, emotional splashes.

By starting using the Bio-corrector we add clear energetically-informational structure and new vibrations in the distorted field, so the waste, being accumulated with years, starts to come to the surface. You should treat this process with faith and respect and let new energy fill your body and lay the foundation of the life without stress.

Contraindications: it is not recommended to use the Bio-correctors in the period of pregnancy and lactation and by the children under 3 years (due to the absence of enough amount of researches of that age group).


Bio-correctors usage: 


Wear on your body to overcome stress
It is recommended to wear Bio-correctors in the pocket of your clothes or your bag to be protected from harmful influence, to harmonize your condition and to reach the results described in the functions of these devices.
It is better to place the corrector closer to your stomach or chest at the left side. The length of using of the device depends on the person's condition and may vary from 1 to 6 months. After this you should take a break, and not use your Bio-corrector, for 1 to 2 months. After this break you can continue wearing in your pocket, your bag, or on its chain, using the device as protection from negative influences – just go with your feelings
The straight contact of the device with your body is not obligatory, in case you wear it about your person.


Make water and food healthier (see video below)

Water is a strong informational magnet. The scientists determined that water records information from every carrier. Besides, the written information can be kept by water for a long time and it won't be destroyed without special exposure.

To structure water and drinks you should replace the container with them on any metal surface under which place the Bio-corrector. You can charge your food the same way. You can also rinse them with charged water.

Big water containers (from 20 up to 150 litres) should be "charged" for not lesser than 7.5 hours.

Most information is lost during boiling, so it's better to charge ready product. In case you keep the water, charged with the Bio-corrector, for a long time, shake it from time to time.


Protect your family from harmful radiation 

The main sources of harmful radiation are:

  • The electromagnetic radiation from the following devices: mobile phones, radiotelephones and Wi-Fi; transport with electric traction - trams, trolleybuses, trains, underground; microwaves, tablets, monitors, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, hairdryers, electrical appliances, TV etc.

The "Shield" and "Universal" Bio-correctors, if placed near the source of radiation at the left side of the device (computer, monitor etc.) at the distance for 5 - 20 cm or directly at the human's body, transforms negative anthropogenic radiation.

  • Geopolitics zones are the geological Earth fissures of natural origin which carry negative energy from the depths of the Earth interiors and can be threatening for a human.

The Bio-corrector, placed in the room directly at the geopathogenic center, completely neutralizes the geopathogenic zones structure. Place the Bio-corrector "Universal" with the working side downward.


Clean the flat, house, office, car area

Some methods:

  • Place the Bio-corrector on the electricity meter or on the cable entering the house (the flat) and switch on the light in all the rooms for 30 minutes. The Bio-corrector transforms the negative electromagnetic radiation of all the appliances and wiring into harmonious space, and the polarized light will clear the area of your flat or your house.

  • During every cleaning with water, "charge" the water in the glass, keeping it for 5-6 minutes on the Bio-corrector and pour it into the big water container with the water for cleaning the floor, windows etc. It is also recommended to sprinkle the walls, the ceiling and the corners in the flat with the sprayer. It is recommended to perform such area working from time to time.

  • You will get a good result as the energy shield covering all the room by replacing the "Shield" Bio-corrector on the ceiling inside the house at the entrance.

  • You will get the raise of gasoline octane rating and reduction of the exhaust, and fuel savings, if you place the "Shield" Bio-corrector near the fuel tank (fixing it with the adhesive tape) for 7.5 or more hours.

  • You will get the result of strengthening of the attention focusing of the driver, your protection an energy-saving of all the front part of the vehicle, if you place the "Shield" Bio-corrector on the steering panel inside the vehicle or in the "glove box".


Using in case of pain, inflammatory processes and traumas


  • Place the device directly on the tender spot (on the plaster cast in the place of the break) 

  • Use the active methods of Bio-correction - see above.

Charging the hygiene and care means

You can place the Bio-corrector on every washing liquid, creams, shampoos etc. You should charge them with the open lid.

"Charged" creams can be also applied at the problematic skin areas, joints and other tender spots.


Caring about the plants

You can water and spray them with the "charged" water or "charge" the seeds before planting. To see the results, you can make the control group for comparing.




 BEFORE using Bio-corrector
AFTER using Bio-corrector
 BEFORE using Bio-corrector
AFTER using Bio-corrector
* We wish you good luck and health in your application!
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