BioSphere Forecast

The state of the Earth's biosphere in October

At the very beginning of October, before the 4th, the situation will not be very favourable for business expansion, for starting new business or investments. During this period, the desire to quickly achieve a result can come up against unexpected problems, and the excessively powerful energy of a strong moon (the full moon on October 5th) will push people to rash actions or decisions. Therefore, it is better to plan important matters, meetings, and plans for the period from October 5th to October 8th, when there will be more positive opportunities for successful negotiations. In addition, after the 5th, many people will feel freer, more creative, open to new perspectives. This is a favourable period for the start of new projects, it is important only to wait out an unfavourable time in the beginning of the first decade of October, when the likelihood of problems with judicial, legal bodies is high due to inadequate financial transactions. Therefore, starting from the end of the first decade, it will be possible to act more confidently and efficiently. In addition, this will be facilitated by a change in energy caused by the entry of Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio (10th) and Venus as a sign of Libra (October 14th). The state of the Earth's atmosphere will significantly improve, which will affect the mood and well-being of many. In this sense, the second half of October is a much more promising and interesting period, when it will be easier to negotiate, to reach an agreement both in personal communication and in the business sphere. At the beginning of the third quarter, economic growth will also take shape, exchange and equity rates will strengthen, investor activity will increase, and a number of positive economic laws will enter into force, so the third and fourth quarters will be very favourable for many innovations. It is also a good period for strengthening the vitality of many people, for the restoration of previous relations. In the second half of October, there will also be more positive moments for resolving previous conflicts or disputed situations. This must be done before the 18th day, because on October 19th and the first two days during the new moon there will be some aspect of stagnation or inhibition. However, after the 22nd, when Mars enters the sign of Libra, and the Sun on October 23rd as a sign of Scorpio, this will greatly enhance the effectiveness of any undertakings. The period from 22nd to 30th will be especially favourable, and it will be remembered as one of the most positive periods since the beginning of October. After the 30th, the energy and tension in the Earth's biosphere will begin to decline, so it will not be possible to achieve high performance in the business sphere so quickly and easily. It will also be much more difficult to maintain harmony in personal or family relationships.

The state of the Earth's biosphere in November

The beginning of November, especially the period up to the 12th, is not a very good time, because problems are possible not only in the international arena, but also in the relationships of many people. Life potential during the period from November 7th to November 12th will be significantly reduced, which will cause an outbreak of infectious and catarrhal diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic, caused by a decrease in immunity. In this case, some people may have a tendency to overeating, to laziness, which can cause problems with both weight and health and reduce efficiency. Many people will feel more tired and passive, interest in social life, social ties will decrease, mistakes and troubles in business, conflicts in love relationships are possible. In the international arena, social and inter-regional conflicts may also worsen in the first decade of November, it will be more difficult to reach an agreement, reach mutually beneficial agreements, and technogenic accidents caused by inattention, mistakes and breakdowns are also possible. Household accidents may increase, and environmental disasters will also negatively affect the economy and exchange stock prices. Therefore, it is better to start important business after November 16th, when together with the improvement of the state of the Earth's biosphere, many people will rise in their vitality. The negative influence of Venus, which appears in the sign of Scorpio after November 7th, will cease only after the new moon, which will occur on the 18th. Therefore, together with the entry of the Sun in Sagittarius on November 22nd, many people will feel at a higher level of psycho-emotional comfort and spiritual uplift. Depression and stagnation, which many noted in the first half of November, will go away, and in the third decade, especially from the 19th to the 26th, there will come a favourable time for making important decisions, for marriages, partnerships and any new undertakings bearing positive changes in the fate of many people.

The state of the Earth's biosphere in December

The first decade of December and especially its beginning, from 2nd to the 4th, can be a very negative and tense period. It should be noted that at this time, various conflicts and tensions can arise unexpectedly both in relations between people and between states. You need to be extremely careful especially in the period before the new moon on December 3rd, when the situation may exacerbate the backward movement of Mercury. Any undertaking before the 8th may face unexpected problems and difficulties, as well as delays and bureaucratic obstacles. Only after December 9th, when the state of the Earth's biosphere will become more harmonious, with Mars, on the 9th day, entering its house in the sign of Scorpio, creative energy will begin to rise, people's vital activity will be activated, a desire to stabilize the situation will be settled, and the relations between people will become more constructive and positive. Therefore, the period from 8th to 19th may be remembered as one of the interesting and positive ones, when it will be possible to receive rewards for past efforts, to sum up the previous projects and innovations. It will be important to make it to the new moon on the 18th, because after December 20th Saturn and the 21st Sun will enter the Capricorn sign, which can create difficulties in communication, understanding and provoking problems both on the international scene, and in business and people. The period from the 20th to the 28th will be marked by the unstable state of the Earth's biosphere, so many transactions, negotiations, and business contacts will be ineffective because of reduced efficiency, catarrhal and inflammatory diseases. A more positive period for the exit from stagnation will begin after December 23rd, when Mercury will again begin its direct movement. In addition, on the 25th, Venus will enter the Capricorn sign and reduce the impact of negative aspects and cold energies that Saturn will bring in the Capricorn sign. By the end of the year, especially after the 27th - 28th, the life potential of many people will slowly increase, so that on the eve of the New Year's Eve, mood will improve, communication will be improved and positive prospects for professional activity or personal relationships for the coming year will appear.