Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Essential oils

Since ancient times it is known that essential oils have an effective bioenergy action - purifying, strengthening the aura and have a positive effect on the body.


Inhaling the smell, we easily move into another dimension of feelings and thoughts, which gives us the opportunity to acquire a higher power.


Fragrance frequencies, such magical and mysterious aromas, we use the products from Green Linden. They make a natural product produced and processed from pure natural raw materials of high quality. All healing aromas of essential oil compositions are made by hand. Each fragrance frequency has its own purpose and intention.


The founder and owner of Essence of Pure Light - Marianne Leeuwrik - created all the frequencies. With her knowledge of essential oils and their scents in combination with her ability to connect with Spirit, she comes to new creations.

How Can a healing scent frequency work with you?


Take Mother Earth for example, our bestselling fragrance frequency


A lot of people suffer from symptoms which have their origins in poor grounding, which may include poor sleep, poor concentration, difficulty to focus, you feel unsafe, you do not feel at home, headaches … there are many complaints that you can link to poor grounding.


You can use the frequency Mother Earth to assist your energetic body to ground and strengthen your aura. This then allows the aura to cleanse and strengthen itself in a natural way. You will then feel a greater sensation of being safe and supported.  Your energy can then flow in a more balanced way around you. Your headaches may disappear, your focus will become stronger and with your energy in greater balance you have a better and deeper sleep and you will wake up more rested.


Creations of Marianne are presented in our online shop where you can learn more about and purchases of the fragrances of healing frequencies.