Home & Office Diagnosis & Neutralisation

Geopathogenic zone (GPZ) - a special kind of radiation coming from the depths of the earth and adversely affecting human health. About half the world's population sleep and work, being exposed to the ravages of the GPZ. Very often, the problems associated with poor sleep, health in general, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, depression, failure in life, psychosis, etc. only arise from the fact that prolonged exposure to the human by these abnormal force.

Salon "Quantum World" offers a service for the diagnosis and detection of geopathogenic stress for further neutralization. In order to change and improve the space for well-being, health, financial stability and a nice feeling.


To diagnose a home, around London, to find any GPZ areas £20, then to treat any GPZ areas just £5 per room. 

For location outside of London some travelling costs may be applied


Time taken approximately 20 mins per area

home diagnostics
effects of GPZ