April 4, 2018

The unusual properties of the pyramids are laid out in so large a volume of relevant publications that one could make of them much larger buildings than the famous pyramids of Giza. Simple, harmonious and at the same time, the mysterious forms of these ancient structures are found on almost all continents of the planet Earth, and what is especially surprising is that not so long ago an American research probe brought to us their images from the surface of Mars.

The oldest on earth location of the pyramids is Tibet.

Around the sacred Kailas mountain...

February 15, 2016

The human body, depending on the age and health, contains 60-85% of water. Without food a person can live (under certain conditions) – for up to two months, but without water - only a few days. Scientists have long wondered why the Highlanders in different parts of the world differ in good health and longevity.

Research conducted at the University of the US state of Georgia, showed that the water that the inhabitants of mountain areas drink, has special qualities.

The water in mountain springs originate at the edge of the melting of snow and has a...

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