Diagnostics of Karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation

"People need to learn to love: God, each other, the universe, the world around us, the past, the present and the future. Love is a complex art, which is obtained by continuous labor".


The Concept of the Field System of Self-regulation and the History of its Development

A Human as a Stable Information Structure

Extrasensory Testing

Technical Diagnostics

Culture, Art and Karmic structures of a Human

What is Devilry


You see not just a new book on a topic of interest to many nowadays, but, in fact, a statement of the original concept of understanding the laws of the spiritual world, which controls the material world, the analysis of the possibility of entering into the world of bioenergetics.

The main purpose of the book is to increase understanding of the world around us, to expose and to study the mechanisms that govern it, and to describe the rules of entry into bioenergetics, for perfection of a man must begin with comprehension of the world, with understanding its laws, awareness of a person as a part of a unified system of the universe.

The information that I obtained by exploring the bio field structure of mankind, is rather serious.

The Spiritual potential accumulated by saints, clairvoyants, the founders of world religions, is now almost completely exhausted, and undeveloped strategic thinking becomes a serious threat. The enormous opportunities of bioenergetics are directed neither at understanding the world around us, nor at the foreseeing and prevention of future problems, but rather at solving primitive tactical, short-term objectives. Mankind has come to the point beyond which it will face either spiritual rebirth or its downfall. Salvation consists in a personal spiritual quest of every person, in his or her awareness of how each of us is responsible for the fate of the mankind and the life in the universe.

And the last thing. Many readers may encounter quite unexpected and new information for themselves in the book, similar to scenes from the world of fiction.

But I am a researcher, and, no matter how incredible the facts or conclusions given may seem to you, this is our current reality, repeatedly verified and confirmed by the results of my work.

Love your disease: The way to get healthy and experience the joy of life

Sounds weird!? How can you experience something positive, but still love to such an entity as a disease? What is disease? Where did it come from? What it creates, in our subconscious mind? What is the main law of self-healing? This book will help you answer these and other questions, to change your attitude to the disease, to make your body healthy, and alive – strong and happy.


10 Steps to Happiness (English Edition) Paperback – 2010

In any large bookstore you will find multiple books on how to succeed in life, to become happy, and to get rid of diseases. The majority of these books give many practical recommendations; almost every one of them promises to easily turn you from a poor stepdaughter into a happy Cinderella. But if you turn to the statistics, you will learn that the number of happy and healthy people is declining. In the author's opinion, the reason for this is that there are no deep inner changes. It is a person's character, mentality, and programs of the subconscious mind that determine their fate. Without changing them and correct understanding of the main principles of the Universe, the real changes will not happen. Any changes on the external level only, in behavior, often lead to accumulation of aggression and irritation; a person becomes hypocritical, and after a while the misfortunes and depressions return on a much larger scale. For example, the popular advice "make plans and strictly stick to them" reinforces egoism; "smile at everybody," if it does not come from the heart, will lead to hypocrisy; "take life lightly, do not show disappointment" pushes the negative emotions deep inside. That is why in this book, along with practical recommendations, you will find quite profound philosophical ideas, explained in simple words. Just by reading these, you can get rid of conscious and subconscious negative agenda, inner complexes, grievances, fears, and all that prevents us from being happy, healthy, and successful. This book is for everybody, no matter his or her age or social level, who is ready to devote some time to attentive reading of this book and with its help to try to become healthy and happy.

Journeys in search of the meaning of life  (English Edition) Paperback – 2012

This unusual narrative book is written by Rami Blekt — a man with extraordinary destiny who consulted many thousands of people from around the world and conducted seminars in many countries. Almost everyone, even the minor characters, are real people. Part of what is described was experienced by the author himself.

Unlike the vast majority of modern books which do not serve the harmonious development of personality but rather serve as a rapid degradation, and if of any help, it’s to kill time, to destroy the most precious thing in our life. Those few books with a spiritual tinge which are now distributed often «sin» in that they are written through the prism of some religious or political concept, which is absent in this book.

This amazing book of real stories about interesting personalities presents the reader not only with a pleasant pastime but also teaches a lot. Almost everyone can find something in it that is useful and that will change his/her life for the better.


"The Alchemy of Interpersonal Relations. The Art of Listening and being Heard" Paperback - 2012

A few of years ago, I gave a CD of my seminars to a very successful businessman in Finland as a present. A few hours later, he rang me up and began to thank me with great enthusiasm. 


At that time, he was on his way to attending a number of seminars and lectures. He was particularly grateful for the seminar, which has been taken as the basis of this book, and was of the opinion that it should be made available to everyone. 

(By the way, several people wrote to me saying that this knowledge should be included in the compulsory curriculum in schools and universities). 

He added that if he had known all that earlier, he could have avoided quite a few mistakes in his future business and private life… It was important and pleasant for me to hear these words, especially from a well-educated man with a high level of inner and outer culture, who had vast experience in interpersonal relations with spiritual gurus. 


He also said that he intended to pass his new knowledge on to his top managers and the heads of departments and branches. I remember the time when my curiosity was aroused about this kind of knowledge. 


That was about 12 years ago, in 1997. I was reading an interesting and informative book (Madelyn Burley-Allen – “Listening: The Forgotten Skill”. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you to read precisely this book, although unfortunately it has been out of print for a long time) and I made a number of discoveries that later have become a great help for me in many areas of life. 


Then I read many books and articles by western psychologists which were devoted to this subject, but by and large their contents were the same. That is to say it was not the only good book devoted to the psychology of interpersonal relations, and I wouldn’t have paid such close attention to it if I hadn’t seen how this knowledge works in practice: in my life, in the lives of my friends and acquaintances, and that is an important indicator for me. 


I particularly remember an incident with my friend. When he finished school at the elite military academy with distinction, he was quite practically minded but unfortunately had serious problems in communicating with the people around him and, therefore, experienced failures in his private life. 


Suddenly, however, I noticed that in all areas of his life considerable changes for the better began to happen; his ability to conduct negotiations and interact with other people started to gain him respect. I realized that he followed the main instructions given in this book very precisely.


Now he lives a happy life with his family in Australia. In the following years, I have read many books and articles about effective interpersonal relations, attended many seminars on this topic, and have always tried to put this knowledge into practice. Some of the information I had read I have discarded as being impractical. 


Something was added from my own experience of life, and, as a result, I developed my own training program on this subject, which was warmly received and got many favorable reviews. 

In this training program I tried to combine psychological work experience with oriental wisdom, for the knowledge of this topic is a necessary prerequisite for fast progress in the spiritual and material aspects of life. 


This small book is a slightly abridged and revised printed version of the training program. We have tried to retain an informal style of writing for easy reading and understanding, hoping that it will be understood by the reader. 

I very much hope that this knowledge will be interesting and useful for you and the people around you. 


With love Rami


The Three Energies. The Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony (English Edition) Paperback – 2017

This book is about how to attract the energy of happiness, health, success and harmony into our lives, and how to simultaneously eliminate the energy of destruction, diseases and unhappiness. Everything in this world consists of different energies; modern science has also come to this conclusion. Thousands of years ago enlightened sages taught how to attract correct energies into one’s life. The term Ayurveda is currently associated with an ancient medicine that can improve one’s health through the use of herbs, massage, cleansing procedures and diet. Although this is correct, it is also a limited perspective that is convenient for advertising and business purposes. Today, only few know that Ayurveda is primarily a system of psychology that can free one from diseases quickly and simply at various stages of development.

"Rami is a professional psychologist, astrologer, yoga instructor and Ayurveda practitioner, with vast practical experience and knowledge. This book is not merely an academic research, it is a result of many years of Rami's practice as a lecturer and a consultant. He managed to adapt ancient Eastern science of Gunas to the practical application in the modern world, and to deliver it to the present-day readers in a clear and simple form. As well as Sattva Guna is a key to the mind and psychological healing, Rami's book is significant for those who are seeking practical and spiritual approach to understanding of the mind and emotions."

Professor David Frawley, the author of many bestsellers, world-wide recognized Master of Oriental Astrology and Auverda

The book "Three energies" by Rami Bleckt, PhD, is highly valuable for the readers. It makes it possible to get in touch with practical application of the following principles of ancient wisdom. The readers can see the world through the prism of the author's view and perceive something they have never seen before. This material is a world of Universal laws of Love, Harmony and Justice in action. The practical experience of the author turns dull theory into vibrant reality, and inspires us to follow, apply and hands out Rami's life philosophy. This will help all readers to become happy and teach how to make others happy around them as well."

V. Tuneev [BV Gosvami], one of the best experts of the ancient Indian philosophy and psycology

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Man of the Future. The First Step into the Future


Who is he, a Man of the Future?

The Kingdom of Heaven




Meeting in Tolyatti



Touching the truth

The tragedy of Judas

Telephone conversations

The first step

The thing I wanted to tell the readers in my latest book is: "My task is to bring you to the truth. I helped you to touch it, and then go by yourself. I tried to summarize all human values ??and put them into a number of main points. We should try to move away from the human and touch the divine, everything else - it's not of my business".

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Karma diagnostics (book 1) Experiences of Survival

The rays of sun illuminate sheets of paper lying in a stack in front of me on the table. Some have printed text on them, other - handwritten. Each of them can fit a whole life.

Previously, the main content of the letters and notes were anguish, despair, unbearable suffering. Ruined, destroyed lives, death of children and loved ones, incurable diseases. Those were premortal letters. Their main motive was the hope for a miracle, for getting rid of continuous misery. Lack of understanding, a sense of the injustice of fate, confusion of betrayal and humiliation by loved ones - not just letters but continuous pain.

Years passed, and the meaning of the letters has changed. Almost all of them are full of happiness finally found.

Not all people write about love and faith. But love and faith begin to gradually and invisibly be present in every letter. Words such as "bad luck", "catastrophe", "betrayal", "despair" are almost gone. But there are other: "haven't succeeded yet", "have not yet managed to", "the beloved one let me down".

When you know who you are, where you came from and where you are going, then fear, anguish and despair gradually disappear. Life becomes a beautiful game, and the grand prize in this game is love. We receive this prize sometimes. Then, out of naivety and inability to keep, lose it, and then, having gone through trials and tribulations, acquire it again. And gradually our soul ceases to depend on the benefits that we used to worship.

Deep in thought I sort out the notes. It will be necessary to remove my name and patronymic, delete the names, so that there would be no reference to the identity to reduce the words of gratitude and praise to my address, not too get sweet illusions. But the texts themselves are better not to be touched.

Recently, an increasing number of notes that tell how the person has changed his or her character, overcame the disease. Sometimes there are just miracles. It will be necessary to keep only those letters, that deal with successive changes and overcoming of problems. Miracles better be set aside.

The main miracle is a change in character and worldview. If instead of hatred you managed to feel sorry for the offender, if you treat generously the loved one who unwittingly offended you - it is a real miracle. If it is more pleasant for you to give rather than take - this is also a miracle. For all this to happen, you need to put the soul in order. Only then will the soul experience love and will make people happy. And when the soul is healthy, then there is the future, then the fate flattens, and physical health come to normal state.

In recent memory emerges a conversation with a woman - I talked to her on the phone. It was a usual appointment, though at a distance. I do not see this woman, do not know who she is. But it's even better in this case because it is easier to identify the most important things.

- Please name your problem - I address to her.

- My child was diagnosed with mental retardation.

For a moment, I wonder whether it is necessary to inquire about the sex of the child. We first study what happens to the mother. By switching to the inner sight, I see the miserable situation: in the aura of the woman there is a possible death of the child. This child has no future, so he will live with minimal activity of consciousness, which is linked to the future. This can be blindness, deafness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy. But the one thing is clear - the disease must be incurable.

If doctors have cured the disease that, in fact, is the mechanism of salvation of the soul, the child would have died. A disease is always a consequence. If there is no future, there are two options - an incurable disease or death. However, there is a third way, for most, previously almost impossible. It is faith, love and voluntary salvation of the soul. But before saving the soul, you must first learn how not to kill it. And this woman had serious troubles with her soul: speaking my lingo, partial destruction of 7 layers of the soul. Love is difficult to be kept when the soul is in this state. There was enough energy for the woman to survive, but there is not enough for the child. It was surprising that he did not die at all, and it was clear that no medicine would cure it. So, anyway, what is was the problem that the woman had with her soul?

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How to make a deal with the universe, or the planets influences on our fate and health.

There are very few people nowadays who are able to make contact with their inner person, to build harmonious relationship with their family and nature. If you meet such a person, you'll see that he/she is a prosperous person, healthy and very happy. Long ago it was noticed that the most successful people who have made the distinguished career were those who were able to establish good relations, negotiate with other people.


There were civilizations in the millenniums-old history of humanity, flourishing in all respects. Many of them have left such masterpieces of architecture, which we are not able to repeat, and what is more, it is even difficult to understand how they are created. 


Pyramids of Egypt, ancient cities in the Latin America, in the Southern Urals, in India are only a tiny part of the great achievements of our predecessors on this planet; there were lots and lots of them.


These civilizations were based on certain knowledge in their cognition of the world, given from above and lived in a harmony with the nature. This knowledge has been clearly stated and recorded in the ancient Aryan civilization; you can also find their influence among the Jews and Greeks, in ancient Arabic books. If we live in accordance with this knowledge, the stars will be on our side, the Universe will be our best friend, and every new day will give us health, good luck and happiness.