Personal Readings

Analysis of birth horoscopes and astrological prediction of a wide range of applications to solve specific problems in all spheres of life. If you are interested in a specific area of ​​your life and its prospects: work, business, money, the family - marriage - children, health, change of residence, creativity, sense of purpose and karma, etc. If you want to look at yourself and your life through the eyes of the astrologer to understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify key issues that shape life circumstances, to find sources of recurring problems or open up new horizons.


Goal: Maximum wide look at the opportunities given to you by your horoscope, to clarify and articulate the goals and objectives of further more narrow and specific analysis.


Initial data: date, time of birth, place of birth, city of residence and free description to your wishes, expectations are important for you and the key areas of life events and your relationship to them.


Content Services: Based on the data of your birth is a detailed individual reporting text analysis of your horoscope astrological factors with an explanatory note, approximately 10-15 pages. By studying the text of the report You will also spend a sort of test which elements of the horoscope is already manifest in your life, and what has not, and specify that you want to use to the maximum or to develop and what to change or what to avoid. Description extensive enough, so the astrologer in the explanatory note to celebrate and draw your attention to the key points. This work is valuable in itself or can serve as a basis for further thematic analysis and forecasting.