Ascended Masters : Purification by the Violet Flame

Angel Oils - Lord St Germain

  • Description

    Purification let everything slide away and give it to the Violet flame.

    Ingredients: Lavender, Rosewood, frangipani, Lemon Mint.

    Lord Saint Germain is the guardian of the Violet Flame. This flame is used to bring light to all negative energy. This then allows us to enjoy life without the negative energy that can bring us down. Visualize a violet flame and let it quietly move through your aura and body. See and feel how Lord St Germaine removes all blocks of negativity you have, taking some deep breathes in and out as you heal.

    With oil you can do light work, as a therapist. Put a few drops in your hands and give healing using your usual methods. Keep your practice free of negative energy through burning the fragrance in an aroma diffuser, this will ensure a clean and clear atmosphere.

    Tip: Make a pot of Himalayan Salt and add a pair of protective stones to it. Put a few drops of Lord St. Germain on the salt. Go stand in front of the pot and feel what happens. Turn around to stand with your back to the pot. You'll be amazed what happens to you.
    It will release you from all the negative energy you don’t need anymore.