1) Device for structuring, improving the quality of water, juices, various drinks, as well as various food products including ready-to-eat meals served at the table for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, etc.

2) The device is also designed to create a favourable ecological, bioenergetic environment for human habitation in residential and non-residential premises, free from negative geopathic zones of destructive order.

This device can change (recharge) the geopathic zones of the "grid" of planetary radiation, discovered by Dr. Wittmann & Dr Ernst Hartmann MD - "Hartmann" and "Curry", with negatively charged geopathic nodes carrying charge in their networks - to destroy, at the atomic level, various structures of the material world, including all protein-nucleic bodies: man, animals, plants. After 21 minutes of processing a room or area within a radius of 10 meters (or up to 100 square meters of room), a clear and stable change in the geopathic zones of the energy planetary networks "Hartmann" and "Curry" is observed. And in one and the other energy networks, there is a repolarization of geopathic nodes and energy bands emerging from these nodes, from a negative charge (destroying at the atomic level) to a positive charge (which has nourishing and strengthening properties for humans, animals, plants and minerals). This charge has cosmic origin and is directly connected to the Sun. The geopathic nodes in the planetary energy networks of Hartmann and Curry become positively charged and favourite places for resting animals (for example, dogs and not only), and geopathogenic nets themselves acquire the correct natural geometric forms.

Quantum Wave Device

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