Bio-Corrector ‘Universal Female’ for protection and improvement of the "female" health

The Biocorrector ''Feminine Universal''

  • Bio field corrector ‘Feminine Universal’ for protection and improvement of the "female" health.

    Bio-corrector "Feminine Universal" - An innovative tool for preserving and strengthening health. It is represented as a two-sided silver card. The sides are equal, i.e. it doesn't matter what side you are wearing the device.

    This device has the same properties of the Bio-corrector "Universal", but in contrast to the "Universal" card It has expressed "Yin" - the female setting


    General functions:

    • Recovers and protects women's health

    • Normalizes and stabilizes feminine state of mind

    • Harmonizes feminine energy and sexual activity

    • Protects from negative factors (hepatogenic, electromagnetic, radioactive and other radiations) within a range of 5 meters.

    • Restores strength and energy, stabilizes sleep and improves your mood

    • Raises stress tolerance, normalizes your emotional background

    • Corrects the condition of the body and help to restore the bio-field

    • Cleans all the thin bodies from the influence of negative programs

    • Harmonizes your consciousness and «resets» it for positive

    • Structures water, food etc.