Bio-Corrector "Universal Men" for the protection and improvement of "male" health.

The Biocorrector ''Masculine Universal''

  • Bio field corrector "Universal Men" for the protection and improvement of "male" health.

    Bio-corrector "Universal Men" - an innovative means to preserve and strengthen overall health. It is represented as a two-sided golden card. The sides are equal, i.e. it doesn't matter what side you are wearing the device. It is recommended to use it for strengthening, preventive measures and for general health improvement

    Unlike the bio-corrector «Universal», this device has clearly defined - masculine's set.


    General functions:

    • Recovers and protects men's health

    • Raises men's energetics and sexual activity

    • Protects from negative factors (hepatogenic, electromagnetic, radioactive and others radiations) within a range of 5 meters.

    • Structures water, food etc.

    (See link to ‘active methods bio-correction’)

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