Protection of the body and space (house, apartment, car)

The Biocorrector ''Protecting Matrix - Shield''

  • Protection of the body and space (house, apartment, car)

    It is a two-sided card golden. The sides are equal, i.e., which side you will wear the device - it does not matter. It is recommended to use all the time, since the energy outside influence in our world is increasing. Placing the device on the left side is better. You can also hang it on the neck

    Bio corrector "The Shield" has energy-layered structure. It collected more than 300 different vibrations to protect the body, the space (house, apartment, car) or items from various negatives. For example, you can attach or just put in limbo in the house by the front door, in the car, near the TV or computer on the left side, and the strength of its bioenergy will protect you and your belongings.

    General functions:

    • Protects the energetically-informational structure (bio-field) and physical body from external influences (electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation) within a range of 5 meters.

    • Creates the informational protection and harmonizes the space of different objects (flats, houses, offices, vehicles etc.)

    • It is recommended to keep in the vehicles to prevent difficult situations on the road 

    • Recovers all the functions of the human's body on the physical and spiritual levels.

    • Structures water, food etc.

    (See link to ‘active methods bio-correction’)