A multifunctional device for the whole family (protection, peace and health)

The Biocorrector ''Universal''

  • A multifunctional device for the whole family (protection, peace, health)

    It is represented as a two-sided card with golden sides. The sides are different, with the side bearing the 'Quantum World' sticker being the internal (working) side, and should be placed directly towards you.The Bio-corrector "Universal" will suit all the members of your family. It is recommended to use it for strengthening, preventive measures and for general health improvement

    The favorable influence of this device can be felt on different levels: from the level of consciousness up to the level of material body. By using the device "Universal" all the systems of your body are being set on the healthy mode. The device "Universal" has an impact on human health and the environment through bioenergy information subtle vibrations. The impact occurs at the atomic and cellular levels, stabilization occurs in all the subtle energy channels in the body and the human bio field, harmonized overall. Vibrations are specially selected and transferred to the carrier plate, in an amount of more than 500 specific harmonies and protecting the immune system of energies. 

    General functions:

    • Raises stress tolerance, normalizes your emotional background

    • Shows resistance to external negative factors (hepatogenic, electromagnetic, radioactive and others radiations) within a range of 5 meters.

    • Restores strength and energy, stabilises sleep and improves your mood

    • Favors the normalization of immune, endocrine and nervous systems functioning.

    • Removes thirst for alcohol, smoking and other matters which causes psychological abuse.

    • Improves concentration

    • Corrects the condition of the body and help to restore the bio-field

    • Cleans all the thin bodies from the influence of negative programs

    • Harmonizes your consciousness and «resets» it for positive

    • Structures water, food etc.