Biocorrector Sessions

Welcome Session Biocorrector!


It is a method of cleansing the body, subtle bodies from negative energies and information that leads to the entry of vital energy in the body's organs and systems. Through sessions to stabilize the psycho-emotional state, energy centres, and restored the integrity of the bio-field (aura), increased energy level. A session enables a person to change their future harmonious, change and improve the state of the soul, mind and body.


With sessions biocorrection possible healing from:

• chronic, hereditary, congenital problems.

• chronic fatigue syndrome.

• Fears, insomnia, depression, sexual disorders.


• Increased intellectual and creative abilities.

• Increased immunity, health and improvement of the general condition of the body

• Start the process of rejuvenation

• Harmonization of the individual.

• Spiritual growth.

• Getting rid of bad habits

• And the solution of many social problems.

Aura picture

Duration 15 to 30 minutes.

Pre-registration by phone Tel :07784984863

The cost of one session - £ 15