Quantum Wave Device

* Convenient, reliable and compact! * Dual purpose device!

The range of applications: 1) For different foods; 2) In the sphere of Life.

1) Device for structuring, improving the quality of water, juices, various drinks, as well as various food products including ready-to-eat meals served at the table for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, etc.

2) The device is also designed to create a favourable ecological, bioenergetic environment for human habitation in residential and non-residential premises, free from negative geopathic zones of destructive order.

This device can change (recharge) the geopathic zones of the "grid" of planetary radiation, discovered by Dr. Wittmann & Dr Ernst Hartmann MD - "Hartmann" and "Curry", with negatively charged geopathic nodes carrying charge in their networks - to destroy, at the atomic level, various structures of the material world, including all protein-nucleic bodies: man, animals, plants. After 21 minutes of processing a room or area within a radius of 10 meters (or up to 100 square meters of room), a clear and stable change in the geopathic zones of the energy planetary networks "Hartmann" and "Curry" is observed. And in one and the other energy networks, there is a repolarization of geopathic nodes and energy bands emerging from these nodes, from a negative charge (destroying at the atomic level) to a positive charge (which has nourishing and strengthening properties for humans, animals, plants and minerals). This charge has cosmic origin and is directly connected to the Sun. The geopathic nodes in the planetary energy networks of Hartmann and Curry become positively charged and favourite places for resting animals (for example, dogs and not only), and geopathogenic nets themselves acquire the correct natural geometric forms.

boxed Quantum device
Quantum Device
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Quantum Device
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Quantum Device
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Photo of the device:

  1. The Device comes in a 12cmx12cm package

  2. The complete Assembly

  3. A part of the device with a lens and emitter of microlepton quantum particles having a constant structure and an impact system

  4. The Device comes with a factory fitted 240v plug


* The Device has no useable service parts, and is maintenance free, coming with a 2-year Warranty.

After every 30 minutes of active use unplug the appliance for at least 15 minutes. Do not allow the appliance to be struck, or water to enter the appliance. Observe the operating temperature range from -10c to + 50c.

* Do not overload the equipment and with proper care and handling it will serve you for 15-20 years.

* Application:

1) To structure the molecular-crystal lattice, improve the taste, useful and energy qualities of various food products: water, juices, various drinks, including bottled and carbonated, canned compotes and other preserves, jams and ready-to-eat foods served for breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.

It is necessary to install the device, as shown in the figure; Switch on the appliance at the socket, having pre-set the necessary time on the timer (supplied with the device).

* To structure the drinking water in a plastic or glass container, you need only 5 minutes of treatment with the device. In this case, the emitter can simply be leaned against the container with water

water restoring
Water purification

* Plastic expansion and storage tanks for filters with running water for 80 litres - 500 litres and even more to 3000 litres will need to be processed on the device for 15 minutes. Attach the device to the side of the tank, you can simply tape to the side of such a tank. It is desirable to do this structuring of water 1-3 times a day, depending on how much you spend and top up on the day of water in these tanks.

* In open tanks, for example in a bathroom or a small pool with a displacement of up to 15 meters cubic, it is enough to treat the water in 5 minutes. If the pool is several tens of thousands of cubic meters in volume, then the device for structuring the water should be turned on for 27 minutes. This will give the necessary good result. In this water treatment procedure, the appliance should be located near the bathtub and the pool at up to 1 meter. As with all electrical equipment care should be taken when near water! The device can be put on the floor or set on some elevation (for example a chair), to avoid water entering the device.

* When structuring food products in a closed hermetically sealed glass or ceramic container such as: juices, compotes, jams, various non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, canned food; You will need 15 to 27 minutes of one-time activation of the device to achieve the best result.

* Fruits, vegetables, berries can be processed on the device at the rate of 1 tray (10 kg) of product, with a processing time of 15-16 minutes. For, it is time in fruits, vegetables and berries that a stable improvement of the molecular-crystal lattice occurs, which greatly affects the usefulness of eating these foods. After such processing on the device, even genetically modified foods lose their danger for eating by more than 50%.

2) Using the device to neutralize geopathic zones in the premises and on the terrain:

Place the appliance horizontally on the floor, ground surface.

Plug in the appliance for 27 minutes. This time is enough to process the area within a radius of 10 meters. If for example an apartment, office, house, etc. has many rooms, then to neutralize the geopathic zones and rectify the change in the polarity of the "nodes" of these zones, it is enough to turn the device in each room for 27 minutes one time. At the same time neutralization of harmful geopathogenic radiation will occur on all floors of the building, which are above and below the level at which the device was switched on.

3) For the treatment of the interior and air in the room it is enough to turn on the device, for 21 minutes 1-2 times a day. To achieve the best effect, the room should be no more than 30 square meters and a volume of not more than 100 cubic meters. If the premises are larger, for example 50 square meters -150 cubic meters in volume, then it is necessary to increase the turn-on time of the device to 27-30 minutes.

* We wish you good luck and health in your application!