Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev is Russian practical philosopher, parapsychologist, healer and researcher into the laws of the spiritual life. He was born in 1952 in Eysk, Russia, graduated from St. Petersburg State University as Practical Psychologist. Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev has studied man's informational energy-field structures since the beginning of the 1980s. Since 1993, he has held seminars, presentations and lectures in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other Russian cities, as well as Germany, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, 26 books in total have been published of S.N. Lazarev's series “Diagnostics of Karma”, “Man of the Future” and “Experiences of Survival”. More than 15 million copies were sold in Russia. Many of the books are translated into German, French, Polish, English, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Rumanian and Bulgarian.

These books represent more than 20 years of exclusive research experience that does not have analogues so far.
For the first time in mankind history the physiology of the soul and mechanism of individual and family karma is explained in detail. In his books author refers to numerous cases of cured patients showing how parents’ behaviour and emotions influence their children’s health and destiny. S.N. Lazarev proves that everything is connected and demonstrates how, by changing the character and perceptions, one can get rid of the most difficult diseases, change their destiny for the better and experience true happiness. S. N. Lazarev came to the conclusion that disease develops over the course of many years and appears as a result of a person's interaction with specific events in his life. Considering disease as a consequence, he began to search for its causes.

At the start of his practice as a healer, S. N. Lazarev worked with the energy fields that radiate from a person's body. So, in this case the fields were secondary to the body: the energy fields were the result, and the body was the cause. However, in the course of his research, S. N. Lazarev began developing a hypothesis about the existence of other types of energy fields, primary with respect to the body and organs. Coming to the conclusion that all information about the character, destiny, past and future of a person, and even his past incarnations, would have to be stored in his individual field, S. N. Lazarev began searching for access to this mysterious repository of information.

Studying thousands of patients, Sergey Lazarev noticed that people often did not feel or comprehend their emotions, while he was able to see them clearly. Gradually he came to the following conclusion: those feelings which a person does not perceive consciously, appear in his subconscious. That is, the main emotions governing the health, character and destiny of a person and laying in his subconscious. It turned out that in the subconscious there are no expiry dates. The conscious mind forgets, while the subconscious remembers all of our feelings perfectly, not only from birth but also during pregnancy, and even from past lives.

Lately, S. N. Lazarev has come to the conclusion that the cause of our civilization's demise is not politics and economics, not disease or ecology and not natural catastrophe. An incorrect way of thinking, a distorted value system, a squandering of love and morality - these are the true causes of our civilization's approaching end. The materialistic world, forgetting the soul's priority, aims to save the body at the expense of everything else. Through his work, Sergey Lazarev strives to facilitate the rapid change in people's way of thinking necessary for the survival of mankind.

Lazarev's English web site can be found at: https://lazarev-international.com/


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