Session of Niah Ta Nee

Energy of "Niah Ta Nee" is a simple and effective technique for the New Age, healing the physical body.

Focus on your soul and ask whether you are ready to heal your soul?

And then the energy of "Niah Ta Nee" will help you get rid of the symptoms of mental illnesses and diseases of the level of the physical body. The more you show confidence in energy, "Niah Ta Nee", the higher vibration will be provided for the healing of your bodies.


Length 20 min.

The cost of the session (Energy exchange) - £15

Sessions are held by our Therapist, a Level II Reiki healer, therapist divine body alignment, Niah Ta Nee.

Pre-registration by phone Tel: 07784984863 or e-mail


See Blog section for full explanation of this service.