Electromagnetic Radiation, Beneficial or Harmful?

We all literally swim in the ocean of radio waves. The Earth's magnetic field protects all life from the hard sunlight. Working of the nervous system and the heart occurs with an electrical pulse. Because of this, we can do an ECG and EEG in advance to learn about emerging malfunctions of the heart and brain. Man has long and successful use of electricity for therapeutic purposes. Electrophoresis, microwave, UHF, and other well-known devices.

People today cannot imagine their life without the achievements of scientific and technological progress: televisions and computers, refrigerators and microwave ovens, electric kettles and washing machines, cell phones, and more. Sometimes these devices operate simultaneously. But at this time they emit electromagnetic waves, many times greater than the maximum permissible levels for the human body. Such terms as "electrical noise" as used in the 60s, has now become relevant today in big cities and now increasingly used is the term "electric smog".

All these technical improvements are of course very convenient, but few people think today about what harm they may cause to health. Insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome have become commonplace. The diagnosis of "infertility" in young healthy people makes doctors intensively to seek the cause of this.

When the first cell phones where produced, all the research about their harmful effects persistently suppressed, likely due to a conspiracy of manufacturers of cellular phones. So now we have something that everyone has in your pocket or bag not one, but two or more cell phone and complete lack of awareness about their harmful effects on the body. It produces a painful impression, when you see how the expectant mother for half an hour talking on a cell phone and does not represent that this causes irreparable harm to the child

So, why is electromagnetic radiation so dangerous? Numerous studies have already brought in various directories, revealed that the most susceptible to the harmful effects of the nervous, cardio - vascular and endocrine systems. Prolonged exposure to EMF can develop diseases such as cancer of the blood (leukaemia), brain tumours, hormonal diseases, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Diagnosis in such cases is usually difficult, and therefore treatment starts too late when help is no longer possible. All growing and developing tissues are also highly susceptible to the adverse effects of the electromagnetic field, so radiation is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women, and people with severe cardio - vascular and hormonal disorders, allergies and diseases of the nervous system.

It should be noted that adverse effects are not diminished by the fact it is an expensive phone or not. All of them during operation emit EMF about 15 times higher than the permissible level.

Some people think that the cell phone is safe when it is turned off and is therefore not part of them even at night. But this time it is in situ in a base station and mobile is no less dangerous than when talking on it. Especially desirable to keep a handset near the head on the pillow or next to it. All will remember the experience that a Japanese student had when raw egg was placed between two phones working. After a short time, the egg cooked. Approximately the same happens to the brain tissue, especially during long conversations. An incredible number of nerve cells die in a short conversation on the phone. Not surprisingly then complaints of patients to distraction and loss of memory.

Carrying a handset in a breast pocket increases the risk of heart attack or heart rhythm disorders. And wearing a cell phone on a belt (as worn by many men) leads to the development of male infertility. As a rule, a detailed examination reveals they "spermatoschesis", i.e. complete absence of sperm, and the sexual function can be maintained.

Frequent and lengthy talking on her cell phone during pregnancy can result in intrauterine foetal damage, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. It is proved that the sensitivity of the embryo to EMI are significantly higher than the sensitivity of the maternal organism, however intrauterine foetal damage can occur at any stage of its development.

The family life is all about computers. We absolutely cannot imagine life without them! Many people have even developed a kind of dependence on it. In many countries, doctors are sounding the alarm on this and consider this habit is not just as a dependency, but as a serious illness comparable to alcoholism and drug addiction, and which is subject to severe treatment. They can sit behind them night and day. The most dangerous part of the computer, it is often assumed not monitor (they are now mostly LCD), and the processor. Particularly harmful the computer can be to young children. The fact that the EMR effect on brain function, changing its natural rhythm. As a result of these violations is slowing down the development and maturation of certain brain structures. Parents do not even know what a "gift" they are giving their children when they are allowed to spend a lot of time at the computer, as long as it does not bother them. There may be many "adult" diseases, both physical and mental, when the child will need later correction of behaviour.

Pregnant women working at the computer, increases the risk of premature births and miscarriages.

There is a false idea that small, portable computers are more secure than landlines. But it is necessary to think well before you place it on your lap near the stomach, as all the organs at risk are located in this area.

Referring to electromagnetic radiation of computers, we cannot forget about the wireless Internet WI-FI. Here there is the same situation, which was when the first mobile phones. Again, manufacturers try to block or at least not to publish the results. Therefore, if possible, spend less time for the WI-FI.

The group of devices that pose a potential danger to human health, applies the microwave oven. When it happens the warming of tissues containing water. And since we are all on 80% of the water, the microwave radiation is harmful for almost all organs and systems.

What to do, how to minimize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation? All the same, people are not able to give up all the comforts offered by the whole machinery.

- When choosing appliances, give preference to those that have a metal housing. It is at least partially shields the electromagnetic radiation.

- Work at a computer no more than two hours a day or at least make small breaks.

- Children under 16 years of age must use a computer no more than 30-40 minutes. Preschool children do not have to sit at the computer. This is fully applicable to the use of cellular phones.

- Shorten the duration of the conversation on your cell phone only for the most urgent messages. Do not be held hostage to mobile operators do not fall for all sorts of offers.

- Turn off all electrical appliances at night. Cell phones do not hold in the bedroom.

- If possible, use Bluetooth headset.

- When using a microwave oven stay as far from it at as possible or even go out of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, many people think that to be healthy enough only to do morning exercises and eat right. But in our daily rapidly changing technological age urban residents are exposed to the adverse effects of many other factors, and therefore they have the right to know more about it, in order to preserve their health for years to come.