Aura and its roles in Human Life

So, to determine what is the aura, and the important role it plays in human health and life.

In humans, any cell has its own electrical charge, thereby forming a bioelectrical = 0.06 m / ampere. Due to the electromagnetic activity of each cell of the human body responding to any change in the information wave of the collective consciousness of people and the environment, a coherent field is created. But when it was created, it coordinates, synchronizes and directs the work of all bodies, all structures from the moment of conception in the womb and after birth, and throughout life. It is through the creation of a coherent field and realized the human genome, and not, as they say in the textbooks on genetics - they say, everything happens by biochemical processes of the cell. It is a coherent field and is a characteristic feature of the living. Why, for example, delayed inadvertently inflicted wound, but because it remained unchanged very coherent field, which was created billions and billions of cells of the body and it "heals" the wound. The coherent field launches standard mechanisms of biochemical heredity, turning any living organism into a holistic system - the fourth level of quantum organization of nature. For example, even the flower has its own aura (coherent field).

Fig.1. The seven layers of the auric field

Therefore, we can say that a coherent field of the person or his aura - is a medical passport for a spiritual person, containing all the information about a person, it coded all the individual characteristics of the parameters of the human soul. Aura is unique and different, retains the vital potential of the organism is necessary for human life, is responsible for relations with the environment and all eco-changing factors and endogenous nature. Normal aura - the aura is egg-shaped, a form of the universal shell, which is the beginning of all beginnings. The substance of the aura, as we noted earlier - electromagnetic, as the Earth's electromagneticfield that protects the planet that does not pass harmful rays for all living things on the planet. If you violate the electromagnetic field of the earth, then die all life on the planet.

Aura depends on the thoughts and emotions of the person. When good thoughts - and a large aura attracts a lot of people, this charming optimists.

Fig.2. Love

When negative thoughts - the aura of compression, small and annoying people from it come the cold and a sense of threat, it pessimists who "drink" a lot of energy trying to restore its volume. All the thoughts, actions and deeds leave their footprints in the aura, which later formed the events in a person's life and affect his health. Causal law of the universe says that every effect has its cause, and the cause of its investigation.

Figure 3. Quarrel

In other words, the integrity, the volume and density of the aura depends on the health and appearance of human activity. The more people with a positive, harmonious aura, the more likely is the possibility to change the collective consciousness of the people to form a collective positive aura.

The human energy-structure there are chakras.

Chakras - the energy centresare that support elements of the aura. Chakras vortices rotate in opposite directions and is reacted with the external environment. Energy vortexes of the chakras include 3 types of waves, standing, incoming and outgoing, as these vortices are seen as the outward expression of the evolutionary level of development of human matrix.

Each chakra is responsible for the incarnation in the person of certain spiritual qualities that most people are not able to manifest. Upon awakening, they begin to emit a "vibration", expressing the principle of divinity in us. It is in this sense that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

1. Muladhara, the root chakra - binds man to the material world, laying the foundation for the activities of the rest of the chakras, it holds the potential energy of the whole person. It gives a sense of confidence and stability, supports the main survival instinct - the need to work, then that person provides food, shelter, family. It is a struggle for survival and self-preservation, as the source of all instincts.

The projection on the physical level: the end of the spine, between the anus and the genitals, perineum.

Keywords: life force, power, endurance.

Element: Earth.

The energy of the earth.

Controlled body senses: smell.

Psychological aspects: safety, caution, patience, vigilance, selfishness, self-defence, fight.

Physical aspects: adrenal gland, skeleton, spine, spinal cord, kidneys, rectum

Functional expression: motor functions, endurance, physical vitality, inner strength, love of life through strengthening effect on the body with chakra: increased immunity, vigour, stamina, determination, optimism, zest for life return

2. Svadhisthana, sacral (sexual) chakra - is the centre of emotions, sexual energy and creativity. When the sexual chakra work harmoniously, the man realizes his inner strength and open to the senses. He has high self-esteem, it does not allow manipulation and bring your personality to sacrifice the approval of the society. When the chakra is balanced, the person exhibits and experiences sincere feelings towards other people. He is independent, but at the same time understand the feelings of those who are close to him, and sees itself as part of society.

The projection on the physical level: 4-6 cm below the navel, the level of the pubic bone.

Tags: attraction, creative material.

Element: Water.

The energy of life.

Controlled body senses: taste.

Psychological aspects: passion, self-esteem, fear, power, aggression, contempt, selfishness, thrift.

Physical aspects: the digestive organs, intestines, urinary system. Functional expression: sexual energy, desire destruction, heightened taste perception.

The effect of working with the chakras: moral growth, the ability to transform greed, lust, anger, envy and jealousy, allows to achieve success in business

3. Manipura, the solar plexus - responsible for the development of the person and the transfer of emotions in the world, controlling the desire to achieve recognition and status in society. This chakra expresses the ego. When Manipura is balanced, a person can control his emotions and cope with their feelings, desires and expectations. It feels in harmony with themselves, with their role in life. The development of this chakra will turn your dreams into reality, implementing all plans in life and lead to additional hurry to fulfil your life's mission.

The projection on the physical level: 5-7 cm above the navel, solar plexus. Tags: will, perseverance, strength, determination.

Element: Fire.

Energy: morality.

Controlled body senses: sight.

Psychological aspects: self-expression, self-assertion, courage, emotion, enthusiasm, deceit and fear.

Physical aspects: the stomach, pancreas, exocrine glands, liver, solar plexus.

Functional expression: movement coordination, perception of their own body, drive to achieve self-satisfaction.

The effect of working with the chakras: increased vitality and getting rid of many diseases, the acquisition of longevity and good health, the development of managerial and organizational skills, improved control over speech and the ability to clearly express their thoughts, to influence people with words.

4. Anahata, the heart chakra - it connects the three lower chakras with the top 3, because of it we can feel another person in contact with them on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. If Anahata is balanced, it teaches how to feel at ease, to help others and not test them, while from it cannot suck the energy of its goodwill cannot be manipulated. When the chakra is not balanced, the person experiences the fear of being abandoned, lost love, other people's problems destroying his balance, prevent to live as he is in pain and suffering of another person.

The projection on the physical level: the centre of the chest.

Tags: love, kindness, compassion, harmony.

Element: Air.

The energy of love.

Controlled sensory organ: the organs of touch.

Psychological aspects: duty, responsibility, empathy, hope, faith, love of neighbour, indecision.

Physical aspects: the cardiovascular system, circulatory system, lungs, thyroid gland, mammary glands.

Functional expression of love and care for themselves and others through touch sensitive nerves motor skills, the ability to get what you want. The effect of working with the chakras: control of feelings and emotions, gaining power over him, wisdom and inner strength to overcome obstacles and difficulties, gaining confidence, the ability to harmonize the environment, gaining power over her I bring into balance of male and female energy, the establishment of harmony intentions and actions, development of creative inspiration.

5. Vissudha, the throat - is responsible for communication and expression of the human personality, through this chakra we express what we are. This chakra is stimulated a sense of responsibility, an understanding of how the intentions and thoughts affect the world in general, it allows a person to "hear" your body and create.

The projection on the physical level: the base of the neck, the thymus

Keywords: creativity, harmony, tranquillity, self-realization.

Element: Ether.

Energy: creativity.

Controlled sensory organ: the ear.

Psychological aspects: emotion, inspiration, creativity, sociability, emotional and spiritual activities.

Physical aspects: the spinal cord, throat, neck, oesophagus, heart and lungs. Functional expression: breathing, breath and utterance of sound, swallowing, presents the work of all kinds, the last zone that is relevant to the time and space.

The effect of working with the chakras: calm, clarity, clear, melodious voice, the ability to spiritual poetry, the prophetic gift.

6. Ajna, Third Eye (frontal) - is responsible for perception, memory management, strength of will and knowledge connects a person to the subconscious and intuition, promotes inspiration comes, it helps to rise above the material world is the control centre of the central nervous system, is responsible for the ability of extrasensory perception. One of the objective characteristics of balance chakras - this intuitive ability in all their manifestations, recognizing its true purpose.

The projection on the physical level: the centre of the brain, the pineal gland.

Tags: wisdom, the will.

Element: Light.

Energy: active intellect, intuition.

Controlled sense of intuition.

Psychological aspects: mind, will, reason, logic, compassion, inspiration, direction, analysis and imagination.

The physical aspects of the brain, the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, brain, nervous system.

Functional expression: the ability to create a vision (imagination) and understand the meaning (responsibility) of their capabilities, understanding of concepts, clairvoyance, is responsible for a sixth sense (instinct).

The effect of working with the chakras: understanding the nature of things, wisdom, will, clairvoyant abilities, acquire the ability to know the past, present and future, the severity of previous births are burned in the process of working with the sixth energy centre.

7. Sahasrara, parietal Chakra - symbolizing enlightenment and connection with higher levels of spiritual consciousness, combining the energy of all the lower energy centres. Man sees himself as part of nature, he receives a response from the universe through his soul, which is its component. When the chakras are not disclosing person does not feel his destiny in life, is at odds with itself, does not trust the world.

The projection on the physical level: the tip of the head crown.

Keywords: cosmic consciousness, super-consciousness and unity.

Element: Light.

Energy: will, consciousness, creativity.

Controlled feeling, collective consciousness.

Psychological aspects: spirituality, wisdom, enlightenment, self-actualization, altruism, integrity.

The physical aspects of the brain, the pineal gland, skin, reproduction, hormonal balance.

Functional expression: higher abstract philosophical thinking, super-consciousness, pure intuition, unites the concepts of rational mind (mental body geometric shapes), the transformation of thoughts into energy through activation of the head, the brain.

The effect of working with the chakras: the acquisition of the ability to superconscious, vision of the world, the implementation of the higher aspirations, perfect peace, cosmic consciousness, our spiritual connection to the "I", the implementation of a higher fullness of life.

The name of the chakras

Causes a disturbance in the systems and organs

Functions of the chakras (the harmonic quality of the chakras)

Table sign (II) shows the manifestation of torsion vortexes emitted chakras in the front, and the sign (3) - manifestation of torsion vortexes emitted chakras behind.

Distorting coherent field deals with quantum medicine. Deformation of the coherent field is due to a strong external impact. It is well known the word "virus". For example, he is able to bring down any program.

How can affect virus program on the human body? The program was originally incorporated the human body that if its information field infiltrated alien information, or call it the "program", the body directs all energy resources to neutralize or block the program, if it is not possible to remove or neutralize. In moments of this work the body is still like a person develops business in the outside world: business, career, school, relationships, love, and so on. D. If the body has to block the alien "program", the outflow of energy is constant, and it is - energy a single tank of an organism, and it is not surprising that in the current economic, social, spiritual and material situation in humans remains force to support the amendment, and their own health. These programs have a character field and are subject to strict laws of physics. For them there while they move instantly, and the like attracts like. That is the program with a one-way total spin vector drawn. Sometimes, a person can attract "foreign program" it is not addressed, if not watching their emotional and mental plane, the thoughts, for their attitude to a particular situation. His negative thoughts and incorrect emotional perception, passing through the shell above his head, rush upstairs and similar in vibration, and have not found a place in other people "foreign program" must be attracted.

Getting into the field of the person, these programs enhance the effect of any existing similar programs, or start to live independently. If the software has the power and the body cannot cope with it, the program begins to dominate in the information field of the person, fully control his thoughts, actions, speech, etc. The man starts to behave not adequate in relation to real-life situations in his life. Some of the "program" forcibly embedded in the information field of the human being as targeted psychological influence of other people, the people referred to as the evil eye, curse, magic and ritual effects, the influence of methods of zombies, psychotropic, NLP, etc. This may be impacts and man-made. The man often cannot speculate about the impact of such spending time and vitality in the struggle for survival.

"At a time when broken solenoid frame and the body becomes defenceless, even if there is distortion of the field, leading to the onset of the disease: chronic and incurable. It is not hard to wait to recover the aura of recovery"

The latest discoveries and modern technologies in the field of thin physical fields allow you to take another look at seemingly very familiar to us things.

In the information-energy model of man can be seen various distortions in a coherent field.

Aura is restored:

1) through the acupuncture points, which are the reference points of the electromagnetic frame of man;

2) through the meridians that connect these points are the elements of the frame;

3) through the use of advances in energy-therapy.

If the coherent field is restored, then the rest will be nature itself. You can influence the aura, changing their world, but human life is often not enough for these transformations. Therefore, to help a person in this matter come the scientific discoveries that help accelerate spiritual growth and healing comes as a consequence of the physical body. Preventive health is the real cure!