Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress

- Geopathogenic zones are local geophysical anomalies in the form of weak electromagnetic fields of the Earth, naturally occurring and man-made in origin (associated with human activity).

- Geopatogennaya Zone - a place of faults in the crust, creating on the surface of the earth abnormal energy fields, which are destructive to human energy.

- Geopatogennaya Zone - a part of the surface of the earth, stand out next to its natural properties of the surrounding space. In such areas, resulting heterogeneity of the structure of the earth's crust, there are changes in the characteristics and, in particular, are vital to human health.

- Geopatogennaya Zone can be natural or man-made (created by humans).

The former include the square footage the earth's surface, under which a large depth of the river. Scientists were surprised to find that over the deep streams of water people often intuitively build roads. The place where once ran the road (and under it is likely the river flows) is considered unfavourable for building a house.

- As for the man-made pathogenic zones, they can be created in buildings. Their latest "know-how" - saving electric cable which is laid on the diagonal rooms in the floor scree. In these points people feel fatigue. Particularly deplorable if pathogenic zone is the bedroom - sleep on it will be restless, interrupted.

- How to determine the location of the geopathic zones?

First, the easiest ways to determine the geopathic zones.

The first sign of the presence of geopathogenic zone- bad dream. In this case, you can determine the geopathic zone whilst in bed.

These zones are thin, felt by children and animals. For example, children and dogs in every way will avoid geopathic zones. A dog will never sleep in this area. The child will never play on this site.

Another thing - the cat. Since they feed on negative energy, it is their favourite place - geopathogenic zones. Therefore, one has only to watch their pets.

To determine geopathogenic zones, you can use bio-location instruments (pendulum frame). You can use the services of bioenergy and ecology.

- The dangerous influence of geopathic zones?

Number of geopathic zones enormous. Some of them are stronger, others weaker. Each apartment contains a number of geopathic zones, sometimes very strong. For every few square meters accounted for one or more of geopathic zones, educated or water veins or faults, or power grids. Building walls, floors and roofs are not a barrier: the radiation pass freely through them. Thus, geopathic radiation pose a greater risk to health and should be included in our daily life, along with other environmental factors.

Physical processes in the geopathogenic zones, largely due to the formation in them the so-called auto waves who knocked own biorhythms of the body. With prolonged exposure, this leads to the impossibility of the body to function optimally. Therefore, treatment of even the most experienced and attentive physician is not successful if the patient, even thoroughly implement medical prescriptions, forced every day to be in geopathogenic zone, undermining its defences and lowers resistance.

The human body, living in geopathogenic zone, constantly forced to spend an increased amount of energy, resulting in central nervous system diseases.

The results of extensive research in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia show that 50 to 80% of cancers are linked to the fact that the patients for a long time carried out in places of geopathic radiation exposure. Furthermore, geopathic radiation can cause the development of diseases of respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes.

People spend a lot of time in a pathogenic zone complain of insomnia or the state of deep sleep, dead like, waking from which a person feels in the morning completely exhausted.

Long stay of people in geopathogenic zones causes the following common symptoms:

1. The feeling of discomfort,

2. general weakness, drowsiness or insomnia,

3. headaches,

4. nervousness, anxiety,

5. burning and stinging in the body,

6. leg cramps, cooling limbs,

7. antipathy to the sleeper,

8. tired and fatigued in the morning after sleep.

People need to be aware of the existence of geopathic zones and their harmful effect, because all the efforts of the healer directed at recovery of the patient, may be useless and negated if the patient after treatment or during it each time returned to their house, an apartment, a bed, or jobs which, unfortunately, are in a range of natural or artificial geophysical anomalies. A reasonable question arises: why researchers link with geopathogenic zones so different in etiopatologii system ailments? The answer lies in the fact that geopathic zones are common nonspecific factor, provoking various human diseases as a result of the gradual weakening of its security forces and reactions. Geopathic zones play an important role in the emergence of low-intensity inflammatory processes, but with increasing age of the person of their influence is magnified and mostly lead to the development of various forms of cancer, as the sharply violated human immunity. It is this hidden danger of geopathic zones and pathogenic environmental factors that cause systemic disease of various etiology.

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