Increased vibrations - improved quality of life!

Positive and energetic people always succeed in life. They radiate positive energy and therefore attract a lot of good. Every one of us would like to be energetic and cheerful people, but we do not always succeed.

This stems from the lack of energy, fatigue, negative emotions, so that there is a decreased vibration and weakening of the human energy field.

From this we can conclude that to improve the quality of life we ​​have to increase its level of vibration and energy potential.

How to raise your vibration? It's about raising the vibration on the physical level, as spiritually everyone fills yourself individually. It all depends on faith and religion, someone goes to church, someone reading the mantras or prayers, someone is engaged in charity and helping people, and so on.

Increased vibration on the physical level

1. Joy

Many people know very well what they do not like and what they do not want. Chewing on negative situations - lowers your vibrations. Learn to accentuate being good, do it as often as possible, which raises your spirits and brings joy. The more you do, the higher your vibration.

2. Positive changes.

Around us is a lot of negativity, and no matter where you live, it would be the same, since we live in a society where most people are going through negativity because of money, bad weather and disease, blaming the government, discussing bad news, and so on. Your task - do not pay attention to it and ignore all the negative changes that affect you personally. Do not criticize yourself for mistakes that most people are making. Learn to praise yourself for your achievements!

3. Music

Each of us has our own preferences and tastes, and each of us has our own music, which fills the soul with joy and inspires. Music can be different: the meditative and driving, and dance. Build your collection of music that you like, for different moments of life. Music helps to fill the soul with joy and energy of the body. For example, when you are on a trip and want to disconnect from the outside world, with its hustle and bustle & chatter, just put on your headphones with your favourite music. You'll see what's going on but will not be included in it. Recommended: Henry Purcell, JS Bach, VA Mozart, Vivaldi, IA Strauss, Beethoven.

4. Meditation.

If you meditate every day, then you significantly increase your level of vibration. Even if you cannot meditate in full (long and deliberately), and you turn off the brain just for 10-15 minutes, then it is a big plus.

5. Nature.

A great tool to bring yourself to a higher frequency. Communion with nature, as well as meditation, is to harmonize and attune to something eternal and perfect.

The energies of the earth, water and air give a lot of strength and health. Communicate with these elements consciously and always thank them for the help!

6. Water

It can be attributed to the nature of this section, but about the water need to talk too much. Water cleanses, purifies and will be cleaned. Swim, take a shower, wash your hands - do it as often as possible. During an argument, for example, just to go out, wash your hands under running water and let it calm. Water, according to recent studies, has a memory, and it can help to heal. (see bio-correctors)

7. People with a higher vibration.

There are people who are filled with the energy of love and kindness. Being close to them, you yourself are filled. But there are people who are filled with anger and negativity, stay away from such. Communicate more with happy, successful and bright people.

Our environment makes us while in the positive person, you get a higher vibration. When you meet a person who looks at you, does not see your flaws and problems, but simply translates itself from the state of unconditional love and human kindness - changing field around you, you yourself, and your whole life. And being around a negative person, you lose energy and empties itself.

8. The emission of kindness and love.

Become yourself a person with high vibrations that radiate love and kindness. Do not pick up on all the problems of other people, and just start radiating unconditional love and kindness. Surround yourself with this field and the people around you will "taint" of this positive energy.

It absolutely does not mean that you have to love everyone and to listen to endless problems and complaints. You do not have to! Simply create around yourself this field and this is enough to ensure that people getting into it, raising their vibrations and begin to change. To do this, you can simply hold the energy self-tuning and ask God or the universe to set you on the energy of unconditional love.

9. The smiles and laughter.

It always works! Laughter and smiles instantly raise your vibrations, and improve the quality of life, too, is a snap!

The more laughing, the higher the vibration!

10. Books.

Amazing tool for improving the vibration is reading spiritual books. Recommended: David Frawley, Eckhart Tolle, D. Gray ("Men Are from Mars)," Rami Blekt, Lazarev SN (see book for sale in shop section)

All of the above methods to improve the vibration work! Setting yourself up for a good wave and did not surrender to negative emotions, fears, bad thoughts and bustle. Life - is a joy, not a fight!

Increase your frequency of vibration, be open, thankful, listen to your heart and give unconditional love to the world!

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