Structured water

The human body, depending on the age and health, contains 60-85% of water. Without food a person can live (under certain conditions) – for up to two months, but without water - only a few days. Scientists have long wondered why the Highlanders in different parts of the world differ in good health and longevity.

Research conducted at the University of the US state of Georgia, showed that the water that the inhabitants of mountain areas drink, has special qualities.

The water in mountain springs originate at the edge of the melting of snow and has a specific structure: the relationship between the molecules in it are arranged, the molecules are combined in macromolecules - clusters. We called structured.

As a result of further investigations carried out by enthusiasts all over the world, it was found that the structure of the melted water is similar to that of interstitial fluid of a healthy body. Moreover, in the studied samples of cells surrounded by structured water, they were completely healthy, the sick cells are surrounded by polluted liquids with a chaotic structure.

Interstitial fluid surrounded by all the cells in our body. It is because these cells receive nutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary to maintain their functioning in the intercellular fluid and waste products derived cells. Subject to normal water balance all this dirt is washed away from the body, but if the water is not enough, intercellular fluid thickens, cells grow old and die.

Structured water is much easier to penetrate into the cell membrane than usual, it brings nutrients and washes away toxins. Incidentally, the same effect is partly due to the utility of a variety of fruit and vegetable juices: being, in essence, intercellular fluid plants, they have the same structure as the melted water, making it easy to penetrate into the cell, delivering vital vitamins and minerals it.

The diagram above, shows the arrangement of the molecules in the dead water (left) and live (on the right) - structured.

Scientists use the recommended daily intake of about 2 - 2.5 litres of water (at least 30 ml per 1 kg body weight), with better that it is structured. Coffee, tea and soft drinks not only moisturize the body, but "dried" it. Therefore, in such cases, the daily rate of water consumption should be increased. Water should be drunk on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating or two hours after it.

Benefits and harms

If the body lacks water, then water is taken from the body from non-vital areas first: first of all, from the bones, teeth, hair and skin. It is here you then get - so-called "aging" brittle bones, hair loss and early wrinkles. You can use the most expensive creams, but if your body has not enough liquid, the appearance of wrinkles - a natural consequence of dehydration and slagging skin. Brittle bones, hair and teeth - it is also to a large extent the effects of chronic dehydration.

Structured water is ideal for cleaning the body and restore its water balance: due to the special structure of the cluster, it is much easier to penetrate into the cells, literally washing the intercellular space.

Because of this, it significantly improves cell nutrition vitamins and minerals, as well as enhances the action of drugs. Regular intake dilutes the blood, which prevents the formation of blood clots and helps to normalize blood pressure. It is noticed that it helps patients suffering from inflammation of the joints: the joint capsule due to moisture less wear joints, relieves pain.

It is proved that the technique of structured water brings a significant relief for the following diseases:

• high or low blood pressure;

• tachycardia, arrhythmia and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;

• swelling;

• headache;

• hair loss;

• Dry, cracked, various diseases of the skin and mucous membranes;

• diseases of the musculoskeletal system, brittle bones, inflammation of the joints.

• asthma;

• goitre and other thyroid diseases;

• diseases of the pancreas.

How to make the structured water in the home?

The fact that prevention is always much cheaper treatment is well known. So many people who learned about the healing properties of this water, begin to drink it. However, not everyone is lucky to live at the edge of melting snow. How to get it at home? The process is simple, but long enough:

1. Tap water must stand for at least several hours (it is permissible further purified by the filter).

2. Next, it should be poured into an enamel container that needs to be put in a freezer. Salts of heavy metals freeze first, so formed the first fragile wafers of ice must be removed, and the capacity - to put on a further freezing.

3. When about half the water has frozen, you need to break the ice, discard the liquid. Thaw the ice and it will be structured water.

It will maintain its curative properties for approximately twenty hours. Of course, in a modern apartment the right amount of water for the whole family is not normally possible to make, and to be honest, many of us simply do not have this time. So it makes sense to look at what is available to purchase.

There are alternative methods for purification of household water, for example, via Bio-Correctors.

Of course, the use of structured water - is not a panacea for all ills and does not negate the traditional methods of treatment. However, it has undeniable benefits. From the reception, you should always remember that health itself is given to us as a gift, but its preservation requires painstaking, everyday labour.