The Golden Section is the strength of the Cheops Pyramid.

The Pyramid of Cheops

The unusual properties of the pyramids are laid out in so large a volume of relevant publications that one could make of them much larger buildings than the famous pyramids of Giza. Simple, harmonious and at the same time, the mysterious forms of these ancient structures are found on almost all continents of the planet Earth, and what is especially surprising is that not so long ago an American research probe brought to us their images from the surface of Mars.

The oldest on earth location of the pyramids is Tibet.

Around the sacred Kailas mountain, which also resembles a pyramid in its shape, there is a whole complex of ancient pyramidal monuments. Their mutual arrangement is so similar to the structure of the genetic code - the DNA molecule, that a hypothesis has emerged about the involvement of this complex, created by the mind of the complex unknown to us, in the emergence of life on Earth.

On the territory of China is a complex similar to Tibetan, but authorities restrict access to this mysterious place.

In South America there is a sacred valley of the Incas, also consisting of a complex of temples and pyramids. Among the locals there is a legend that this complex was built in time immemorial by fair-skinned and fair-haired people.

In the centre of the well-known Bermuda Triangle, on the seabed, a pyramid is found that surpasses the size of the Cheops pyramid. Its smooth, polished faces are made of an unknown material resembling glass or ceramics.

Not long ago a complex of 37 underground pyramids up to 45 meters in height was discovered on the territory of Crimea (Russia). Their material is heterogeneous and consists of oxides of metals and organic compounds. The Crimean group of researchers put forward a hypothesis about the space function of the pyramids, which play the role of special generators of torsion fields, so-called generators of shape, in which the torsion field is formed without rotation. In this capacity, the pyramids perform the functions of receiving and transmitting devices that connect the bowels of our planet with the Cosmos.

According to one hypothesis, the Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau, which include the most famous pyramid of Cheops, were built more than 10 thousand years ago by representatives of the legendary civilization of Atlantis. The civilization of the Atlanteans in many ways surpassed our level of development, but they did not escape the internal confrontation that caused the global catastrophe. Because of this catastrophe, Atlantis disappeared in the sea depths.

Ancient Egypt, in which the Atlanteans had their settlements, on the eve of the catastrophe, became the site for the construction of giant pyramidal structures. The Atlanteans built them with the calculation of transferring their colossal knowledge of Nature and Cosmos to the distant future of them for many millennia. This knowledge is hidden in the geometry of the pyramids, in their mutual disposition, in those mysterious dungeons that, with the help of modern technology, Japanese researchers discovered under the pyramids.

It was in our difficult time of change, the mysterious envoys of the past, discovered the part of their secrets for seekers of knowledge.

The most significant discovery was the fact of the presence in the geometry of the Cheops pyramid principle of the Golden Section. This principle was first formulated by Euclid: the ratio of the whole to the greater part of it should be equal to the ratio of the greater part to the smaller. If you divide a straight line into two unequal parts so that its length (a + b) refers to the larger part (a) as this larger part is to the smaller (c), this will be the graphic representation of the principle of the Golden Section.

The principle of the Golden Section is subordinated to everything related to natural systems - the proportions of the human body, the structure of the genetic code - DNA and RNA molecules, according to this principle, the sound and color series, the system of chemical elements and the periods of revolution of the planets of the solar system are constructed.

Everything that gives a person a sense of harmony, created by this "golden principle".

In the pyramid of Cheops, the principle of the Golden Section is reflected in the triangle of the section along the axis of symmetry in the vertical plane.

The sum of 2 equal sides of an isosceles triangle GCF refers to its foundation as well as the sum of equal parties and the basis to the sum of equal parties, i.e.:

Such an equality is possible only if the angle of inclination of the faces of the pyramid CFG is 53 degrees. It is this slope that takes place in the pyramid of Cheops, which can be conditionally called classical.

The pyramid, built on the principle of the Golden Section, generates in its form a special torsion field that harmonizes the surrounding space, putting in order everything that is in the zone of its influence. This is the only harmonious combination of the size of the base of the pyramid and its height allows it to work most rationally in the "Earth-to-Cosmos" mode. Probably, it is this factor that explains the following, tested in practice, properties of pyramids:

- Neutralization of harmful emissions of pathogenic zones.

With the help of pyramids, picking up their height and relative positioning, it is possible to neutralize or reduce to a safe for human size, the dangerous influence of geopathic zones, both natural and technogenic. Pyramids are used both in the open area and in the premises, for example, for neutralizing the geopathic zones in the apartment. It should be noted here that the torsion field of the pyramid reaches its maximum value when its faces are oriented strictly to the sides of the world. Usually, with the help of a compass, one of the faces of the pyramid is oriented in the direction to the north.

- Saving fuel consumption in the car.

- Neutralization of harmful emissions of computer, television, electrical appliances.

Pictures of the aura of a person exposed to these radiations, made with the help of special equipment before and after installation of the pyramid-neutralizer, really show the restoration of the dimensions of aura suppressed by harmful radiations. Instrumental studies have also shown a reduction to a safe for the person the norm of the overestimated background radiation of the room after installing the pyramid-neutralizer in it.

- General improvement of the human body.

Numerous examples from the literature on pyramidology allow us to state the facts of the beneficial effect of the pyramid field on the human body. Under its influence, the duration of diseases is greatly reduced, metabolic processes in the body are stabilized, and the wound and fractures are accelerated. Under the influence of the energy of the pyramids, viruses and bacteria die, thereby preventing the spread of epidemics.

Of particular interest are the properties of water charged in the upper third of the volume of the pyramid. It rejuvenates the human body, strengthens the immune system, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome.