The Unique Star Pyramid

The Unique "Star Pyramid"

Unique, Exclusive, multi-field Golden Section pyramid with emitting "Agent - witness" located in a special cell inside the pyramid.   

This radiating "Agent" has a constant unique spectrum of radiation and working in place with the pyramid forms a unique healing biofield.


The Pyramid itself is made of brass (copper-nickel alloy) plates and has an edging made of pure copper. On the Apex and four base corners of the pyramid are crystal balls. On one of its sides the pyramid has four holes. Also, inside this pyramid is a special capsule with a radiating agent - a "witness" made of five natural soft waxes. The radiating "Agent" is charged using our patented special technology

* This reduced model of the Cheops pyramid (measuring just 14.5cm tall approx) has extraordinary properties. It creates an energy field that neutralizes geopathogenic planetary radiation and has a beneficial effect on living matter. Reliably protects within a radius of 91 meters. 

* In addition to the protective effect, it has a powerful harmonizing and therapeutic effect. Due to the combination of two forms: pyramidal and five spherical, a much more powerful total radiation is achieved, and a special capsule located inside with the "Agent" radiating in a certain spectrum allows you to use it as a "home" healer.

This pyramid has no base at its foundation and this allows it to be used not only as a neutralizer of geopathogenic radiation, occult harmful effect, elimination of adverse influence of radiation from interior objects, but also to use it for energy purification and charging crystals, crystal balls, mirrors, talismans, ornaments. The location of a special capsule with the "Agent" inside the pyramid allows you to achieve a beneficial and remote impact on various objects and space.

Ways of using:

Option 1:

* To neutralize the geopathic zones and create a favourable energy in the premises and on the ground.

It is enough to place the pyramid flat horizontally on the surface of the earth, or the floor, with the side with four holes oriented exactly to the North. (better to orient with a compass). Useful radius of action with this method will be 91 meters.


Option 2:

* To obtain a healing effect, you need to sit or stand near the pyramid, with the four holes facing you. The distance can vary from 50cm. up to 3 meters. Staying in time in the spectrum of this radiation of the pyramid is better determined by the state of comfort, that is, intuitively. You will feel when enough.

* From this side of the pyramid, you can also place sick or poorly growing plants and sick pets (from 10 minutes or more). A good health-improving bio-correcting effect is obtained already with the first procedure.

We wish you good luck and health in your application!