The 5 Secrets Pyramid

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The "5 secrets" Pyramid - a universal remedy for recovery

From the ancient Greek "pyramid" is translated as "fire" + "middle". Fire was a metaphor for a single divine flame, that is, life.

The "5 secrets" Pyramid creates a powerful biofield that feeds and replenishes the human bioenergy potential. Such a biofield is similar in properties to positively charged geopathic nodes. These nodes feel good to animals. For example, favourite resting places for dogs are always positively charged zones.

The radiation of the "5 secrets" Pyramid has a wide range of frequencies and has a harmonizing healing effect on humans.

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How does the "5 secrets” Pyramid work?

Mini-pyramids are arranged with each other in the form of "nested doll". This is how the effect of a radio static battery is realized - a series or parallel connection of several forms to increase the radiation power.

The design uses a double Ba-gua matrix. Ba-gua is a regular octahedron with the centre in the form of a circle. According to Feng Shui, it helps to harmonize different areas of life: luck and success, fame and popularity, wealth and love, material wealth and marriage, family happiness and well-being of children, health, career, support of wise and powerful people, study.

Vladislav Vasilyev's authorial invention - a radiating agent, coating of 5 natural waxes - also improves the quality and power of radiation from the 5 Secrets pyramid.

Pyramid phenomenon

In the 1930s, the Frenchman Antoine Bovi explored the pyramid of Cheops and found that the bodies of small animals that accidentally got into it were mummified. Bovi built a wooden model and conducted various studies. Organic matter is not spoiled, not rotten, not mouldy.

In the 1950s, Czech engineer Karel Drbal became interested in these experiments. He found that the space of the pyramid affects the speed of biological processes. And in 1949, he patented “a way to keep the razor sharp” - the blades in the pyramid were sharpened by themselves. Now many people use this method.

Soon, other scientists found that being close to or inside the pyramids increases the body's tone, the products retain their properties, the pains decrease, wounds heal faster.

Egyptologist Mikhail Saryatin investigated the radiation of the pyramids. He isolated Pi rays that destroy tumour cells; the rays “responsible” for the destruction of microorganisms and mummification (drying) and the Omega rays, which have a beneficial effect on the human body and preserve products.


The "5 secrets" Pyramid has healing properties:

 Neutralizes geopathic zones (harmful and dangerous to health).

 Reduces and neutralizes the electromagnetic microwave radiation of devices.

 Treats diseases of the joints, internal organs. Used for the prevention of a wide range of diseases.

 Improves the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person.

 Blocks negative processes in the body.

 Positive effect on the functional properties of cells.

 Stabilizes metabolic processes in the body.

How to use:


The key advantage of the "5 secrets" Pyramid - ease of use. The device can be carried with itself, to use in the room and on the street, at home and at work, on the way. You can put the pyramid next to the workplace at the computer, carry in a bag or carry in the car.

The Pyramid does not need to be oriented to the cardinal points, you can arrange it in any convenient way.

To start a recovery session, set the pyramid on a sore spot for 5–30 minutes and focus on your feelings. Repeat preferably every day, you can several times. After recovery, the Pyramid is recommended to be used regularly to prevent diseases, improve immunity and increase energy levels.

To increase the radius of the useful radiation of the Pyramid twice - up to 3.5 meters, direct any edge to the north.