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Protective Keychain "Matrix-comfort"

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"Protective" Matrix-comfort "Bagua" is designed as a remote control to protect its owner from negative bioenergy within a radius of 3 meters, including the impact of natural geopathogenic zones and radiation from technical order, such as increased electromagnetic background radiation of the microwave, mobile communication, television and radio waves, as well as negative energy in people creating a bad mood.

                                     Plate RA

* effective protection from geopathic zones and "point radiation" of technogenic order.

* "Bio-correcting plate, Amulet, Talisman, Protection from electromagnetic radiation and Bio-corrector in one product."

* Unique manufacturing technique!

* The plate is made of five kinds of natural bees wax and coloured in different colours. The effect this plate produces helps the person in protection from electromagnetic and geopathic radiation, and has a beneficial contribution in protecting against negative bioenergy from outside.

In this regard, the plate has a very strong stable biofield and can have a healing effect within a radius of 8.5 meters. This plate can be worn constantly with you in your pocket or bag, which you can hang on your neck for example. Also, if necessary, it can be held between the palms of the hands to quickly replenish bioenergy of your biofield (enough from 5 to 15 minutes to get a lasting result).

There is another option for using this plate - this is to take the plate, take it out of the cellophane bag and gently cut off a few small pieces from it with a clean knife. These pieces can be stuck on the inside of the cover of a cellular or radiotelephone and then close the cover of the phone. Thus, the radiating wax will remain inside the phone. This will give you the opportunity, if you talk on the phone or when you carry the phone with you repeatedly (two to three times and even more) to reduce the negative destructive effect of electromagnetic and radio waves on your body. Effect - this is obtained due to the creating, restoring, healing radiation, which radiates from the charged wax. Man, perceiving, - this radiation nourishes and raises all his life forces, immunity. Thus, electromagnetic radiation and the radio waves of cellular and radiotelephones do not affect the human body.

* This is a short description of the effect. We wish you success in your application and health!


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