“If you want to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations. The universe is not only material bodies that we can sense with our senses.”

                                                               Nikola Tesla, scientist, engineer, inventor

Why You need a Biocorrector to control your Vibrational Frequency

Biocorrector - a device for health and longevity.

Biocorrector - a device to improve the human bioenergy state. It works at certain frequencies, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation and corrects the functional state of a person, protects against the adverse effects of the external environment.

We have developed a series of 5 Biocorrectors: "Universal", “Feminine Universal”, “Masculine Universal”, "Protection Matrix Shield", "Protection Matrix Harmony". They differ in frequency (from 36 Hz to 80 Hz) and functionality.

We select the devices individually in each case, considering the condition of the person and their requests at the time of purchase. You can use the device at home, carry it with you in your bag or pocket, carry it in your car or put it on your desktop. Additionally, you can choose a stylish leather cover on a cord.

Functions and features of Biocorrector.

Biocorrector devices influence quantum physical processes in the human body, regulate information and energy transformations, taking them to a new level, strengthen the immune system and the psychophysical state of a person.


  • Restoration of the damaged information and energy field of a person.

  • Improving the quality of life of healthy and sick people.

  • Getting rid of addictions (smoking, alcoholism). If the dependence is serious, in addition it is necessary to use        copyright active Biocorrection methods. (training manual comes with the device).

  • Improving the energy status of the body.

  • Neutralization of external harmful radiation (electromagnetic and soft X-rays, strong magnetic fields). The device    effectively works in hepatogenic and technogenic zones.

  • Structuring of water and food.

  • Protection from negative attitudes and thoughts.

  • Increased vibrations.

High vibrations for a better quality of life. - What we radiate is what we get.

Scientists have shown that the human body consists not only of material particles. We constantly radiate energy and vibrate at certain frequencies, even in sleep and at rest.

Different people have different vibrations. It is customary to relate the frequency of vibrations to the spectrum of emotions experienced by people. Low vibrations include negative emotions (fear, illness, despair, anger, resentment, pride, a sense of superiority). To high - they favourably affect the condition and well-being of a person - acceptance, optimism, gratitude, compassion, happiness and love.

Energy is a changeable substance, and you can control it if you wish. And with experience, it is easy and quick to tune vibrations to the desired frequency. The energy of positive, happiness, gratitude vibrates at high frequencies. Accordingly, to improve the quality of your life, you need to increase the vibration

Scientists have found that the frequency of vibrations can be measured. Let us turn to the results of their research; different emotions and frequencies are correlated in the image below:


Schumann Resonance: What do scientists say?

Around the Earth there is an air layer - the ionosphere. The ionosphere and the surface of the planet form a resonator emitting electromagnetic waves of a certain oscillation frequency. The first to discover this phenomenon was the well-known engineer-inventor Nikola Tesla, and later the waves were studied by Winfried Otto Schumann and Herbert Koenig.

So, Schumann's resonance is the electromagnetic frequencies at which our planet oscillates. The fundamental frequency is 7.83 Hz. It is called the pulse or heartbeat of the Earth.

Furthermore, Scientists have discovered that the vibrations of the Earth and the frequencies at which the human brain works coincide. It is logical, because people are born and develop on Earth, which means that they are closely connected with the planet. Hence the assumption that a person can get rid of many diseases and problems by tuning in to his own “native” frequency. In other words, the energy of the Earth can heal people and reveal their talents and abilities.

For a long time, the frequency of the Schumann waves - since 1900. - was stable - 7.83 Hz, even the military set up their equipment for it. However, since the 80s, the frequency began to grow. Since the beginning of the 90s - 8.2 Hz, 1995 - 8.6 Hz, in the autumn of 2003 it reached 13 Hz, in 2017 - 36 Hz, to date - 50 Hz. Every year the frequency of Schumann increases.

And if a person wants to resonate with the planet, sound with the Earth in unison, he can increase his vibrations and become happier.

How to heal yourself?

Ways to increase vibration:

A person can independently control the frequency of his vibrations. Moreover, he is responsible for them and can improve his condition when he wants.

The currently known methods for increasing vibrations are quite simple, therefore they are accessible to everyone:

  • Meditation.

  • Prayers.

  • Exercise.

  • Walking.

  • Games with children and animals.

  • Classical music.

  • Special devices, including Biocorrector.

How to make the device as efficient as possible in your case?

Defining personal tasks:

To make working with the device effective, first analyse which aspects of life you would like to improve. Special attention should be paid to health problems: migraines, poor digestion, pain in the legs and back, addiction.

In addition to health, you can improve other areas with the help of the Biocorrector:

  • Family life.

  • Personal life.

  • Financial position.

  • Career.

  • Spirituality.

  • Personal growth.

  • Relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

  • Rest and recovery.