Yearly Forecast

                                                       Aries (March 21 - April 20)

For Aries the beginning of 2016 until March - a very favourable time, so they should continue the implementation of many of the plans that have emerged at the end of 2015. The atmosphere in their environment can develop in such a way that their leadership will notice, there will be smart partners, so Aries can achieve prosperity in their career. Many projects conceived in the first half of the year can bring them good profits and recognition of others in the autumn. It is very important and even crucial for Aries will be the first quarter, when new business partners, associates will help them to implement the very ambitious plans and increase revenues. It is also a very interesting period in terms of amorous adventures. Many Aries will be ready very sharp turn your life and even start from scratch. In the second quarter, especially at the end of May and in early June, to the 8th, Aries need to be more considerate and tolerant towards others. During this period, the differences are not excluded from the partners and many of the projects and initiatives can encounter unexpected obstacles. Additionally, Aries needs to be prepared for the fact that in March, some of the new plans will not be financially secured, so there is a need to seek new partners. More relaxed atmosphere in the second half of June will allow Aries properly distribute the forces, coordinate plans and focus its efforts on the basis of new horizons. The third quarter, especially from 13 July to 14 August - quite a difficult period for the rams, may be at risk when their health that affect their mood and health. In most cases there will be conflicts with loved ones, as well as dissatisfaction with the partners, management, financial losses. At this time, it is not necessary to go on long journeys, to lend money to, or make major purchases. A more favourable period for Aries is the third decade of August and the end of September, after the 20th day. This is a more energetic period when meetings, trips and talks will bring much more moral and material satisfaction. In addition, they are waiting for fun, interesting dialogue, and in terms of a business everything goes very well. However, more cautious and careful Aries must act in the first decade of August -second in the second ten days of September, as this very turbulent period can change their environment, there will be conflicts and problems not only at work but also at home. It is better to devote time to rest and strengthen their health. Since the second half of September and throughout October Aries will feel the creative impulse, will be striving for radical change and risky activities that could bring a new life into them. In the second week of November 10 to 18 the number, there may be conflicts of open confrontation, echoes of which can also flare up from 13 to 19 December. So better to carry out important activities in the second half of November or in early December to enter the new year with new iridescent plans.

                                                      Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

For Taurus in 2016, especially its first half-period of its existence the spiritual self, inspiration, freedom of expression. Many of them will feel the enthusiasm, altruism, the desire for independence and to feel the joy of life, even if they do not always have money in their pocket. Many Taurus discover a capacity of leadership and would be willing to help everyone and bestow their attention, optimism, love of life. Quite successfully relations develop in a family with children, and the bulls will have many opportunities to be proud of their success. In January and February, Taurus is necessary to be active, to communicate more, to share your plans as soon they will be useful contacts are very necessary. In the first quarter they are waiting for very important changes in his personal life, so wedding, the birth of children, creative success, fame and recognition can fill the life of cells. And much will depend on how successful and fruitful will be the first of the year. Therefore, in this period is necessary to conduct important meetings, sign the agreement, to seek a new job or enterprising and reliable partners. But in April, the beginning of the third decade of May - an unfavourable time for the bulls, when they can supply partners, as well as fatigue and malaise. A more appropriate time for serious cases, major purchases, travel or holiday - are 5 to 17 May and mid-June, when the Taurus on creativity and energy will rise more successfully interact with others and generate very interesting and promising ideas. In early June the Taurus need to pay more attention to themselves, their families, as well as rest. In the second and third decade of July, many of them will be quite sharply to react, often worry about to worry about everything, so this is the best time to devote to a release, communion with nature. In August and September, Taurus should be wary of intrigue and gossip behind his back when they could be not very comfortable in his team. By the way, in September, they will have more opportunities to exercise his ego and their views will be listened to. Perhaps Taurus will get a boost in the professional sphere. In the fourth quarter, they begin a new period that promises a change in career. At that time, they will have the opportunity to not only change jobs, but also to start or expand their own business. The third decade of October - it is also a period of consolidation or the beginning of a new love and friendship, which can be quite long-term. And in October and November in their lives may occur memorable and significant events that could radically change the lives of many people and presenting cells. At this time, the partners can have a profound effect on them, to connect them to their plans, cases, so a strong energy support can be very helpful. However, in late November - early December, Taurus should be more attentive to their health, as a large load, hectic life can lead not only to fatigue but also to ailments or diseases, especially in the first week of December. But in the second half of December, waiting for their expansion plans, thrills on the road, as well as a spiritual quest and getting to know a foreign culture that can greatly enrich the inner world of the bulls.

                                                       Gemini (22 May - 21 June)

For many of the Twins in 2016 - a period of strengthening their roots, family ties, so the success and advancement in many ways will be implemented with the support of loved ones, both moral and material. Thus, the beginning of the year the Twins will have to devote to implementing the old projects, the implementation of family and professional responsibilities. Therefore, in the first quarter, they will have to be patient, not to drown in the routine and keep optimism and aspirations for the future. At this time, it is not necessary to risk money or his business connections. It is particularly important to adhere to this tactic early in the second quarter, in April and May, when the bio-energy of Gemini will weaken and they may lose interest in the case. But in the end of May to increase their activity, and emotional lift they will be ready to act very decisively. Twins can find application of the powers got stronger, though not always do a polite and tolerant with their partners. At this time, they can increase their income through inheritance, aid partners or sponsors. In this regard, the third quarter could be more successful, so they more than offset the staid and depressed state which was observed at the beginning of the second quarter. Twins this year, especially in June and July, it is necessary to communicate more, to travel, to change your life for the better. During this period, they will meet Fortune and find happiness in another city, the country, to move, to buy real estate. More relaxed, and maybe stagnant for the Twins will be in August and September, when it is possible to reduce their activity to rest. At this time, changes can occur at work, there can be a very tense situation in the team, in relations with colleagues, so it is important to remain neutral and quiet, so as not to "commit follies". It is also important at this time to be the support of his family, loved ones to protect the peace. At this time can also remind myself old unsolved problems. If the Twins can keep smooth relations with colleagues and partners, in the second half of September and in October, they will be able to strengthen their position at work, to express themselves in creative work and to take a leading role in collective projects to enable them to strengthen their authority and financial situation. At this time, they can also make a successful purchase, get a reward for past labour and effort. It is also an active communication with children, parents meet their ambitions. However, it is important to resolve all contentious issues, specify the conditions to sign important documents, as in the second half of November, the situation is not in favour of the Twins. In addition, this period is dangerous exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as the intrigues of the competition, conflicts and confrontations with partners. Only since the third decade of November and December almost all Gemini will again feel confident and successful people, and their life will be new plans, business and interesting meetings.

                                                       Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Cancer for 2016 overall positive, as they will have a lot of features to implement their plans. This year may prove to be very interesting in terms of communication, expand their business and creative contacts, to travel and to obtain new and interesting experiences. Cancers will make a good impression on others, will be open to all new, so will be able to diversify their very lives, to broaden their interests, discover new areas of activity. And the first quarter could be very important in terms of any initiatives, acquisitions and investments that help cancers will rise to a new stage in the career and work. They will be able to get a powerful and wise patron to help in January and February to advance in the affairs, business, get more prestigious and lucrative post. Particularly successful it may be the end of February-beginning of March, when their own efforts and the help of others will promote cancers in professional and social activities. For many of them this period of renewal. But in the second quarter, at the beginning of April to 7 of the end of May, after the 17th and the beginning of June, up to 11 numbers, there may be a creative and emotional stagnation. Conflicts at work with management or colleagues, caused discontent and criticism of Cancer in their direction, can cause depression and failure. At this time, they need to be more patient and restrained with respect to the closest people, even if they have a desire to be alone or do what they like. However, in late April and early May will be able to resolve conflicts, to repay irritation and enjoy the fellowship, which will increase confidence and self-esteem Cancer. This period is favourable for any cooperation, visits and meetings. And in the first half of June, it is better to take a time-out because this is a very difficult period for both health and for travel. A more active and fruitful, they will be able to express themselves during the third quarter, when activated Cancer intellectual potential, their energy and communication skills, as they will be able to find a common language with many people, be sensitive and understand its purpose, as well as the motives of others. It will save them time and effort to build bridges and find the best ways to realize their abilities. If in September, they will be able to show perseverance and confidence in achieving this goal, as well as to become more open to the new partnership, the end of the third quarter will be the best for them. This time is also favourable for love, romance, travel, or moving to a new residence. All this will pave the way for cancers of good chances and positive situations that will appear in the fourth quarter, at the end of October and the first half of November. During this period, Cancers will be able to change for the better relationships with loved ones, to achieve considerable success in the professional field. Increase their sexual and creativity, together with success in business comes popularity among individuals of the opposite sex. In the second week of December Cancers need to reduce the activity of a few, limited communication and spend this time in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, thinking through his plans for the new year.

                                                            Leo (July 23 - August 23)

For the Leos in 2016 could be very significant in terms of achieving financial well-being, social status. Many of them will be able to show their business activity, ingenuity, a willingness to take risks, to start their own business, to take a higher position. It's a favourable period for the implementation of their business and entrepreneurial skills, ability to find benefits in everything and do not be afraid to put everything on the line for the sake of the more prestigious awards. It is particularly important for many Leos to realize their major plans and projects in the first quarter, in January and February, when a high level of vitality will help them to attract their business ties to the realization manifested prospects. At that time, they will be able to find new patrons and supporters who are ready to support their business and develop creative ideas. In the second quarter, the Leos will not be so lucky, and the actions of competitors or enemies can lead to financial losses, to the need for radical changes in the professional field and changes in the tactics of their actions. Plans and intentions of many people in the second quarter can suddenly change, so the Leos at this time should be more careful in dating. Particularly tense may be the second half of April and beginning of June. But in May there can be very good for the Leos when they can get a raise in his career, to take a higher position in the political sphere, to realize their potential, become more important and influential. The most difficult period of the year for the Leos may be the first ten days of June and the second decade of July, when failures can pursue them, they may be without support, as well as the sights of criticism. In addition, there may be conflicts with relatives or spouses, and outstanding business obligations, issues relating to children will distract them from their plans. But the third quarter, from late July to mid-September, - it’s time for changes in professional and material terms, in the relations with partners. Increase the popularity and influence of the Leos, they will be able to achieve glory and success in the work, and you get lucky and gambling business. This period was also remembered for their unexpected encounter, the advent of powerful connections. The end of September and the entire fourth quarter may be very restless, vain, but a very interesting time for the Leos, as they will be able to sort out their relationship with friends, decide on future prospects, not to waste time and energy on small business and unwanted contacts, and send your finances in a better and safer course. However, the Leos have to be careful at the end of the year, especially in the second and third decade of November and early December, as there may be a problem at work or in relationships with loved ones, because of the potentially affected their credibility and prospects of financial growth. In late December, the situation for the Leos will be more favourable, they face the future and build far-reaching plans.

                                                     Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

For Virgo 2016 is the period of implementation of the plans, the manifestation of personality, finding one's place in life and creative projects. Increase optimism and luck for Virgo, altruism and love for life, the desire to express themselves and be at the forefront of life. Many Virgos will be ready to act very decisively, actively participating in many processes taking place in society. It is also a favourable time for marriage or starting a new partnership for the realization of their ambitions to climb to new heights in your career and improve the financial situation. At the beginning of the year (January and February), Virgos will be full of optimism and creative ideas, so will be able to enter new contacts, communication and relationships. This favourable period for learning, success in scientific work, intellectual development, public relations, to improve relationships with the children and the organization of their educational and developmental programs. It is also a period of great success, recognition and fame. We can say that the first quarter - is one of the most successful periods in the life of Virgos. The second quarter can be quite stressful, so they will have to make greater efforts to achieve the desired, and in the struggle to defend their right to their own views and opinions. At this time, it increases the likelihood of psycho-emotional crises, poor health due to the decrease in vitality, and the tensions that will occur in mid-April. This is one difficult periods during the year, but if we can successfully overcome it, the first half of May, the second half of June and the first half of July as a whole will be quite favourable. We can say that in the second quarter of the Virgo will be able to receive remuneration for their work and to realize their plans. This is a very interesting and fruitful creative period, when they will illuminate inspiration, freedom of expression, the desire to create something unique. Therefore, the Virgo may gain fame, recognition and lucrative offers abroad. During this period, they are also waiting for joy in a love relationship, the success and victory of children. However, at this time they should not forget about themselves, you need time to relax, rest on the nature or take a fascinating journey to upgrade their energy potential. July for many Virgos - a relatively quiet month, but its last days and the first half of August - the time is quite tense, as have a lot of work to be able to find compromises in the relations with partners. This is the period of return of karmic debts, so it is possible that Virgos than have to sacrifice something in order to save the most important thing. In September, they will be able to recover their life potential, to express their will and character in dealing with complex domestic problems. In October, the situation will start to build, will be less straining moments, although Virgo is still worth to show restraint in order not to provoke a scandal. But November and December can be complicated for them quite harmoniously, and Virgo will be able to succeed financially, to receive compensation for past projects. During this period, it will have to make quick decisions and even take risks to succeed. Luck will accompany them, and this will allow Virgos boldly look into the future.

                                                     Libra (24 September -23 October)

2016 Libra may be ambiguous and likely to be associated with the need to understand yourself, your feelings, doubts and give renewed karmic debts and plans to build new lives. The first half year was more favourable for Libra, because they will be more energetic and vitality, and for many of them can be a priority to strengthen its roots, family ties, creating a more comfortable and secure environment at home, restoring broken relationships. In this regard, it may be the beginning of the year for them is very promising, especially January and February, when the partners can push them to the radical changes, opening up new perspectives, which is to invest their energy, time and money. Libra will feel the support of relatives behind them, so can act very confident. In addition, for Libra this period can bring not only advances in business and in business relations, but also in their personal life, because of the high probability of finding a soul mate, get married, which may be advantageous. But in March (from 5 to 20 numbers) and in the second half of May, they need to protect their health, without yielding to provocations and to use caution while traveling. Weak energy and inattention can cause errors that can attract for a very unpleasant consequence, up to litigation. In addition, increased aggression and conflict, as well as the inability to keep quiet time can lead to serious quarrels, scandals. But the second decade of June and the first half of July - a period of success in their careers and creativity, the ability to express yourself, to get the best deals or reward for past services. Although at this time Libra needs more focus on the financial sense than a hint of partners who may be involved in risky ventures, financial fraud, bearing losses and untidiness. The second half of the year for Libra will be more complex and troublesome, especially the third decade of August, September, when they can be under the pressure of circumstances, and they would have to postpone their case and plans to settle past conflicts and disagreements, mistakes and wrong actions and defend their gains and reputation. At the same time, we must remember Libra inner psycho-emotional balance, to avoid becoming a victim of circumstances and does not undermine their health. In October, they will be able to perk up, fill yourself with new energies, though in full force, they will be able to express themselves in late November and early December. They turn luck, they will feel a growing optimism, the fullness of life, will be able to surround himself with wise and experienced friends, like-minded to the new year to start to realize its main goals and objectives and to begin a new chapter of his life.

                                                    Scorpio (October 24 -22 November)

Coming in 2016 for Scorpios can be very interesting and favourable offers them a very attractive career prospects, the success of the cooperation, the ability to take a high place in the team, to strengthen its authority. Many of them feel the desire to reach a new level of communication "open up" their inner world. They will meet with a large number of people to participate in the new collective projects and future initiatives in the field of business. This will push for a new love or romantic relationships that can lead to marriage, as well as to start a new business partnership. The first half of the year will be more dynamic, full of interesting events and more financially stable. In January and February Scorpions can very well use their influence, sexy charm to expand their business contacts and develop new business projects to find new sources of revenue, but also to share responsibility with the partners. But in March, they must act according to the principle "measure twice, cut once", as increased self-esteem and desire in that at all costs to prove themselves can run counter to the collective aspirations, and Scorpios can be on the side of common interest, as well as some insulation. In April, may very well develop partnerships, although the abundance of cases and commitments will not allow Scorpios to show their best side and to the full, and it is possible that at this time they can get more complaints and criticism than praise. The first half of May, the third decade of June and the first half of July - a very positive period when the joy and luck scorpion can bring fellowship, meeting new people, exchange views, as well as romance. Therefore, travel and new experiences are not only very diverse social circle Scorpions, but also give rise to new love relationships, which may be bright, deep and lead to marriage. But in the second half of July and August Scorpios need to conduct their financial affairs more prudently. During this period, it is not necessary to make major purchases, investments, and to beware of casual acquaintances, and any abuses that may lead to financial losses and long-term debts. In September, practicality and resourcefulness Scorpions increase and calculated risks to help them solve their financial problems, physical care. But in October it will be the most challenging period for the Scorpions, as reduced life potential, past mistakes and failures can cause instability in terms of psycho-emotional and conflicts with others. It is also a difficult period for health when possible exacerbation of chronic diseases and injuries due to the high accident rate on the roads and when working with machinery. But in November and December, the Scorpions will throw off the burden of past problems resurface and open the mind to new ideas, dialogue and long-term projects.

                                                Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

For Sagittarius beginning 2016 can be associated with significant changes in their lives. They can become wiser and gain spiritual experience, helping to create around themselves the situation of creativity, harmony and open to the perception of new knowledge and experiences. Sagittarius will be important to gain recognition, acknowledgment of their social status, so the criticism and misunderstanding can be met by them quite painful. They will try to focus their efforts on establishing new partnerships to meet their creative and professional ambitions. In addition, many of the positive chances of appearing at the end of last year, at the beginning of 2016 will receive their offer. That is why the continued success throughout the year in the first quarter of Sagittarius is necessary to determine in advance their main goals and objectives, so as not to waste them on the vanity and entertainment. Only through strength of will and determination in the first and second quarters they will be able to carry out their wishes. Especially advantageous in this regard will be the third decade of January, February, late March, the second half of June. But the second half of April, late May and early June can be quite complex, because Sagittarians may face some secret opposition from colleagues and even relatives. Inflated claims Sagittarius cannot be justified, and the revaluation of its own forces can lead to emotional exhaustion and fatigue. It will be difficult to find common ground, even close circle. At this time, it is not necessary to start new plans to make changes in life. More suitable for the development of plans, business as well as for the acquisition of real estate, travel, and business or social meetings will be the second half of July and early August. At this time, Sagittarians will feel the emotional and creative enthusiasm and their vitality will increase significantly. Although handrail holidays, Sagittarius have to come to grips with their careers and businesses. In late August and early September may cause unexpected complications, which have a negative impact on their businesses and relationships with superiors and colleagues. In the third decade of September Sagittarians will feel confident again. We can say that from the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarter, especially at the end of September and all of October, Sagittarius will have good luck. This is necessary to devote more time to take advantage of business meetings, acquaintances with interesting, talented people. Unconventional ideas Meetings and discussion in a new environment can be very promising and will help to find adherents. In the second decade of November Sagittarius it is desirable to take care of their health, and to use the time to discuss their plans and gathering information. After 20 November, they will again be full of energy and has high hopes for the new year, which can be very dynamic and successful.

                                                 Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

Coming in 2016 for Capricorn can be quite beneficial, especially to advance in their careers, in the works and the strengthening of financial position. Highly developed abstract thinking will allow them to see problems from different aspects that can save you from serious trouble, and of great benefit in building strategic plans. It will be the best in January and February and early March. In addition to success in business and career, Capricorns will be able to achieve significant results in the spiritual quest for self-improvement. They may make proposals to the foreign partners, so the geography of their business and creative contacts may expand. At this time also possible successful purchase, the completion of the long-awaited strategic transactions and important negotiations. In addition, in the first quarter, surrounded by Capricorn may appear people who are ready to support them in initiatives and projects, as well as be their inspiring principle and begun a new love relationship. But in March and early April, they need to use caution, as there may be problems in relations with others. Conflicts with loved ones, relatives, children or illness and personal problems may affect the plans of Capricorn in the second quarter, so not desirable to schedule too many things, meetings or visits at the beginning of the second quarter. A more favourable time will be the second half of April, May. But in June, particularly the first time a decade, Capricorns need to be more restrained and think about their health. The abundance of cases and obligations may cause nervous breakdowns and bad mood. It is not desirable at this time to plan long journeys, important meetings and negotiations, as well as clarification of any relationship. It is best to move the end of June or the first half of July, when their power is stabilized. Summer can be a very favourable period for career growth, so the rest Capricorns best plan at the end of August, when social changes may occur and it is better to watch from their development. A very interesting and creative it may be September, when you can achieve the desired from the management, partners, find new business contacts. That is why in the Autumn Capricorns need to schedule the most important tasks, since they will contribute not only to others but also a higher power, and then in October and November, they can expect a serious material success and professional growth. At this time, anyone can get a very promising proposal, strengthen your credibility, open a business or to develop new directions. Do not waste this time for entertainment or empty talks and showdown. Some personal business, vacation or prevention and treatment of chronic diseases is better to move to the third decade of November, because at that time, circumstances may force some Capricorns reduce business activity. They will feel the need to be circumspect in the choice of partners, friends and disclosure of their plans as possible intrigue and confrontation, the emergence of problems and conflicts. The money spent and the efforts can yield the desired effect, and thus run the risk of Capricorn refuse sucked into other people's problems, unnecessary showdown. In the third week of December Capricorns will again cheered, they have the opportunity to be proud of their success.

                                                      Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

For Aquarius 2016 may be a good and full of interesting events and meetings. This year, it is possible to enter into a purchasing benefits contracts successfully, to improve their financial situation through partner’s inheritance, win cases in court. Beginning of the year, especially the third decade of January may not be very successful for Aquarius, as a weakened immune system, vitality will affect their activity and sociability. In addition, they will have to be careful when choosing partners or sponsors. Only at the end of January and in February, Aquarians will feel a surge of strength, energy renovation. Although during the first half of the year they need to be very collected, often consult with more experienced and competent people, not to make hasty actions. Only by working in a team Aquarians can succeed and increase their revenues. At the beginning of the second quarter they need to be more tactful and discreet in communicating with loved ones, otherwise the conflicts in the second half of April and May, may adversely affect their love, friendship and family relations. The second and third decade of June may be for Aquarius is very favourable period when they are waiting for an interesting meeting, new friends, promising projects that could become a launching pad for further career growth. While on their travels they have to be careful, because the high probability of an accident, especially in the first half of June, as well as possible health problems or conflicts at work that can adversely affect the plans of Aquarius. However, from the second half of July, the emotional lift and increased optimism will help them begin the embodiment of the strategic plans, thus getting rid of unnecessary connections and commitments. The second half of the year could be more conducive to love and friendships, new creative contacts and strengthen relationships with loved ones. July and August can bring significant changes in the lives of many Aquarians. With the usual circle of friends, they will bring new faces, more thrills, Aquarius will help to expand your familiar world, to study foreign languages, new modern trends in science. At the same time, they can be very creative and bring the world of science and technology relevant innovations. In late August or early September Aquarians will feel confident enough. This period may give them unforgettable meetings, travel, changes in the sphere of love. This time is favourable for the birth of children, weddings and the beginning of long-term love affairs, as well as negotiations with potential partners, for communication with the management and expansion of a circle of associates. Therefore, the end of the year can discover the Aquarius very attractive prospects for the next year.

                                                       Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

For Pisces 2016 could be successful thanks to the support of a partner, a prestigious Relation. In this sense, the first quarter will be quite favourable, since it will be associated with new creative projects, intuitive insight that helps Pisces find their place in art, music, and avoid many negative factors on the road to success and look beyond the horizon. This is an interesting period for travel, to find new areas of creativity, parapsychology, extrasensory. But February, they need to pay more attention to their health and to be extremely cautious when dealing with strangers or with partners, which can have a negative impact. In late March and early April begins active creative period that promises success in career. It was in March and April for Pisces can open up new career prospects when they are not afraid of responsibility and show leadership qualities, the spiritual master. The second quarter, especially the second half of April, can bring a lot of troubles, when you have to make a choice and get rid of inhibitory connections or relationships that may be very painful. Despite the conflicts that are possible in the beginning of April, end of the month and all through May will be a period of positive change that will give the opportunity to realize their old Pisces desires and expand business relationships. In June, it is desirable to take a vacation and do not engage in collective projects that can contribute to greater strife than constructive proposals. In early July, Pisces need to act more decisively, abandoning unrealistic plans and proposals. At this time, it is desirable to focus on specific cases, requesting support to colleagues, friends, lovers. This will help strengthen the business and close connections, as well as their confidence. And because July and August - time of grace, when the Pisces will be able to successfully carry out much of their life: to expand its sphere of influence, or to acquire new things became romantically involved. However, the old love affairs that are likely to change significantly in late August and early September, will help many of them feel more free and confident people. Despite the conflicts that may arise in these months with close friends and relatives, Pisces can choose the correct model of conduct and way of communicating with others. If this period is not going to happen any unexpected complications in the fourth quarter, especially in October and early November will be quite successful. At this time the Pisces will be able to more fully open to creative collaboration and expand professional horizons. The situation at the end of the year will also be very beneficial for long-distance travel for diverse communication and attract new partners and allies. However, the activity in this direction is manifest in early December as the second half of the month will be less successful, and Pisces will require more diligence, strict control of its costs or caution when making decisions about risky business projects, or start a new business. Also, do not interfere, or to sort things out with someone from loved ones, co-workers or management, because their support will be very important for the success and prosperity in 2017.